Monday, February 8, 2010

More Gifts for A Beautiful Rabbit

(Another contribution to this blog from our Zoe the Rabbit.)

They are making me write this again. Something about Mama #1's grandpa possibly transitioning to his Sparkle Suit and so Mama #1 is sad. Sparkle suits are pretty and sometimes skin and fur suits just get so worn out.

That's all the Wisdom I have to share today, so onto something a bit lighter.

Onto Presents for This Rabbit!!

I love getting gifts, and it's appropriate that I get them. I am Beautiful, for example, so I should be showered with lovely things whenever possible.

A while ago -- and I've been a bit rude and have waited far too long to write about this -- a while ago, I got yet another box in the mail.

There was some stuff in it that seemed to have very little to do with me, so I shared with Mama #1.

Hint for Other Rabbits: Once in a while, it's a good idea to give your Servant, I mean, Mama a little something so that she feels appreciated for all the chores, I mean, love that she gives.

But then there were these and they are so obviously for me -- what with the Little Bunnies all over them! (We will forgive the lack of detail and try to appreciate the "artistry" of the prints.)

And though this is a little big (shhhh...don't tell), I still think I look Really Good:

I checked this hat out thoroughly and it is well constructed:

I put it through the rigorous and famous Rabbit Nail & Tooth Test and it passed:

Oh! And we also got one of these, though again, it's a little big for our Small and Delicate Head. It also seems that, not a surprise, the Rabbit fabric we got on ours is not available. I mean, duh! It probably sold out in, like, minutes.

That's all I have for today. I am quite busy right now with all the kissing and cuddling of Mama #1. I do really like her and want to do all I can to make her feel better. Mostly, I just stand there looking like cute little Me. That seems to do Wonders.


Emma said...

Zoe - I think being a cute and beautiful (and wise) rabbit can only help everybody within seeing and petting distance. Good plan!

Marcy - Thinking of you during this difficult time. :(

Anonymous said...

Fun post!

LOVE the presents :-)

Hugs to you and your family, Marcy. Sending love, comfort, peace...

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hey, pretty stylin' hat there, Miss Zoe! Va va voom!

Wishing you and everyone heart's ease, Marcy.

Kavindra said...

Holding you and your grandpa in my thoughts today.

Zoe, you are one beautiful rabbit - all good things are coming to you!