Friday, February 12, 2010

Flip Friday

Thank you for your support!

We made it to Friday.

Before we move on with Zoe's movie for this week, I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you out there who have sent you love and good thoughts to me and to my family over the last week regarding the death of my Grandfather. I am attributing the fact that I feel so relatively good to all that support out there in the world from the people I know in person and from the people I know by name and word.

You are all special. Thank you.

You are special to me, I should say. To Zoe? Well.... sometimes that's a different story.

Zoe would like to say a few words about the contest SHe announced a week or so ago:

"Ahem. So far, we have gotten NO ENTRIES in the Eat Like A Rabbit Contest." (A shake of the ears. A waggle of the tail, composing herself.)

"This is a bit of a disappointment, as I fear the cause of this is that you think that how a Rabbit eats is uncivilized and silly. Let me assure you: THERE IS NOTHING UNCIVILIZED OR SILLY ABOUT THE WAY I EAT!!!!"

(Bouncing the the corner, getting in the hay box, fluffing out.)

"That's all. You can go now."

OK, so there you have it.

Just don't.

And now, onto our movie...

Another Art Film from marcy hall on Vimeo.

Happy Valentine's Day Weekend to All, and to All A Good Night!


Emma said...

I loved this artsy film - especially the scene with The Ear!

I agree with Zoe that we need some more entries in the contest!! Heed her words!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

The accordion soundtrack gave this film a very Parisian feel. Clearly this oeuvre is Miss Zoe's homage to cinema verite. And then, in the end credits, I saw that the music came from the delightful French film Amelie! But of course! Zut alors!

Kavindra said...

There will indeed be a photo submission from Chez Kavindra ... once we can get to the store for salad again (too much snow).

Meanwhile, I do think Emma should submit a photo, to get us all started off.... :)

Emma said...

Oh you do, do you??


Let me find a leaf...

Anonymous said...

I'm ready for my closeup now Cecil - I heard her say that.

Kavindra said...

Alright, I'm in the contest officially.

Hold out if you want Emma - I just may win by default!