Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Bunny Redux!

I told you last week that Zoe was happy.

On Monday, she was Not Happy.

Let us revisit that Unhappiness. In case you didn't get enough the first time.

Have you had enough?

Cry "UNCLE!!!!" Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase!!!!

Good Work!!! You did it. She is onto Something Else.

Now, it is safe to talk. :)

Zoe is Happy today, because we got another entry in our Eat Like a Rabbit Contest!!!

Because She now has two entries, it means it is Officially.... A CONTEST!

Here's this week's submission from Debra!!! See Debra's Blog Here!!!

Beginning to eat....

Ten Seconds in.....


An inventive and creative entry! Thanks Debra!

Good luck in that Canadian traffic, by the way. My Aunt and Uncle live in Vancouver, but they went to California for the month to avoid the crowds. We hope you're enjoying yourself.

Zoe and I love your mittens!

And of course we LOVE your Bunny Ears. Strange that you just had those...lying around...isn't it?

Notice how both entries have employed different but extremely satisfying Bunny Ears.

OK, who's next?
Tap tap tap.

We're waiting.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I think I'm watching too much Olympics on TV.

Kavindra said...

I had high hopes of winning for a while, as I was the only contestant. But now even I must admit, Debra did a bunny bunny good job. Nice ears, which definitely put you over the top!

I am so glad Miss Zoe is pleased. I was getting very very nervous at the beginning of this post ...

Emma said...

Great job, Debra!!! =D

Anonymous said...
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