Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A VERY Disapproving Rabbit Lives Here

Okay. Before Marcy left for her little writing retreat in that delightful cabin near the Lake, she said to me, the Chick, "Don't worry...the Rabbit will write her own post for Wednesday. She has Things to Say."

This morning, I get up and check this blog and there's Nothing. Nothing! What the?

I thought perhaps the Rabbit forgot or didn't schedule Her post correctly, but, no, that couldn't be right. I mean the Rabbit Knows All. The thought of her...making a mistake...oh...that just makes my tummy do a flip. It would mean that all was not right with the world, ya know?

So I went to investigate and ask the Rabbit what was up and this is what I found:

That Rabbit is Not Talking. Though I think her message is loud and clear.

She approves of Marcy writing. But she doesn't think there is anything wrong with Marcy writing in the Rabbit's room. The Rabbit even has given her some designated space for this task -- a whole desk and chair and lamp. The Rabbit has been nothing but Generous.

And now this?

Like I said, the Rabbit is not talking so I am just speculating here as to the meaning of the above. But I think I know how that Rabbit thinks. She and I have a bond. It's different than the bond she has with Marcy but it's strong and I have a bit of rabbit in me so I can think like an extent.

I mean...I am not nearly as smart as her; no, I would never imply that.

Oh, dear, better put extra banana in the salad today because I know she is going to read this and I could be in big trouble.

If you have any influence with the Rabbit, please ask her to forgive me.

By the way, don't forget to play along with our Eat Salad Like a Rabbit Video/Photo Contest. Please. I mean, I am already in trouble here.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh dear. La Zoe is having a little pouty party because her personal assistant has slacked off in her duties. Personal assistants are not supposed to have days off, you know. Oh dear.

Emma said...

At least Marcy went away to work on her treatise about a rabbit utopia, though...right??

Anonymous said...

Okay, this is crazy because I was coming in here to tell you about this blog

in case you didn't know about it and what's the title of your post?

Coooool. (Hi Ms. Zoe!!)

Jeanne Klaver said...

Honestly, I think you need to hang around there or Miss Zoe will snooze life away...