Friday, February 5, 2010

A Little House in the Big(gish) Woods

I returned from my retreat yesterday, refreshed and having written 50 new pages, BUT desperate (DUH!!!!) for the company of a Rabbit.

How can it be that I spent three days and two night in the woods and saw nary a Rabbit?

Zoe must have been punishing me for leaving.

The Punishment

Don’t tell Zoe, but it was a wonderfully refreshing (even if Rabbitless, Mammaless, and Chickless) retreat.

I spent a lot of time going for walks in the woods. It was cold, but not nearly as cold as it was last week. Everyday I was in the woods was at least 20ish degrees. It was like a heat wave compared to what it’s been like here lately!

The place where I went on retreat is on the grounds of Mt. St. Benedict’ Monastery here in Erie. One of the main tenants of the Benedictine’s belief is that of Hospitality, and that is why they have the cabins in the woods in the first place. Of course, you can eat with them, attend Mass and Prayer with them, and all that other stuff.

But I prefer to keep to myself while I’m there.
Zoe was Happy to have me home, I think.

This time, when I arrived, Sister Phyllis, the scheduler of the cabins, took me on an all inclusive tour of the Monastery, on which I got to see their gorgeous new Chapel and Sanctuary. The Benedictine’s are great supporters of the Arts, so their spaces are filled with Beautiful Things, including lots of lovely stained glass everywhere, paintings and photography in every hallway, and the amazing work of ceramic artist Brother Thomas, who lived with the Benedictine’s for 20 years.

A short walk from my cabin is a place called Camp Glinodo, where in the summer the Benedictine’s run summer programs for kids. It is like a park that runs right along Lake Erie, and it was there that I took delightful walks each day a few times a day to clear my head and listen to and enjoy the Outdoor Silence (as opposed to the Indoor Silence in my cabin, Hildegard.)

So, this week’s Flip Friday Feature stars not a Certain Rabbit you know and love, but...little old me. In the woods. Basically talking to myself. Oh, and you have to excuse all the weird faces I make. It was cold, and also, I'm not used to filming myself. Bear with me.

Hope you enjoy the journey!

In A Cabin In The Woods from marcy hall on Vimeo.


Emma said...

Oh, I really enjoyed that video! It was peaceful with good watery sounds and snowy view. Plus, of course, your friendly narration!

The lake does look very weird like that. Huh...


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hey, great video! And what a look of ABSOLUTE BLISS on Miss Zoe's face -- too cute for words!

Bethany said...

This was magical and really fun. Just what I needed today.
Thanks for sharing.
I SO wanted to see inside the cabin too.
You are super cute.
Great hat.

Anonymous said...

You are an absolutely charming young woman. Please, won't you all move in next door so I can chat with you over the fence and have you in for coffee - (not to mention meeting Miss Zoe in person - but that is too great a dream to dare dream). Love the video and the water in the quiet. Love it whenever you get yourself on the film. Adorable! (Tho, you're not quite as adorable as The Furry Butt. Still, you are pretty darned cute.)

Anonymous said...

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Dhonard said...

Beautiful video-thank you for sharing. The running deer took me back to a place i have missed for a long time...thank you

Jeanne Klaver said...

Excellent video. I loved hearing your voice. That lake is something...wouldn't want to venture onto it. What a lovely retreat.