Friday, March 20, 2009

Unicycles, Bicycles, and Seasonal Cycles

I actually don't know much about unicycles.

I know way more about bicycles, though, most of my knowledge is limited to how to ride them, as opposed to fixing, maintaining them, etc.

OK, so maybe I don't really know that much about either.

But, Knowledge isn't everything, you know. Sometimes, it comes down to Instinct.

Miss Zoe's Instincts tell her to turn her back to you.
It is a pretty back, however, so it's still enjoyable!
Look at that adorable tail!
And, those ears!!

They say you never really forget how to ride a bike. Why do they say that?

Because. It's true.

Even if you haven't ridden a bike a lot or you haven't ridden in a long time, your muscles don't forget how. They Instinctively know how to do what they need to do to move you forward.

Here's where seasonal cycles come in. (Were you wondering?)

An illustrative anecdote: Tuesday (St. Patrick's Day) was an absolutely, positively gorgeous day here in Erie, Pennsylvania. The sun was out, the birdies were chirping, the Leprechauns were frolicking, the Gnomes were... well... standing around drinking beer like always.

I woke up early, ready to get started on Yard Work. You know, cleaning out beds, raking leaves, uncovering the cute, fresh, lime green flora that starts coming up about now in our little yard. This is me in the Spring and Summer: outside, puttering, cleaning, being a general busybody. The Spring and Summer are truly when I want to paint and create and write and garden and on and on and on.

I have ENERGY!!!!!!!!!

In the Fall and Winter, I like to hibernate. I become a slug. I still do things, but more sporadically. Mainly, I want to lay on the floor with Miss Zoe and snuggle.

Then there's Blisschick.

She is just the opposite. Blisschick is productive in the Fall and Winter because she is hibernating, not in spite of that fact.

In the Spring and Summer, she gets what we refer to as her "Spring (and Summer) Autism."

She is easily overstimulated. The windows open, and there's too much noise. There isn't 16-20 inches of snow to muffle it. Kids are in the street playing and screaming and laughing.

There's too much going on.

Add to that, the heat-- Blisschick is a dark haired, olive skinned animal. Her body drinks in the heat and holds onto it. Put her out in the sun with a stack of books, her journal, and a container of water, and what will she do?

Take a nap.

But, in the Fall and Winter, everything is quiet. She can concentrate. Things are cozy, and that is what gives her energy.

The problem comes in when we think we need to be Producing Something All The Time. And, of course, being creative people, we tend to think that. We judge ourselves by our rate of production.

Miss Zoe never judges herself.
She is ALWAYS productive.
(wink, wink-- like a Pez dispenser!
Uh-oh, I hope she didn't hear that!)

The moral of this story is this: We are all different. We all move and create at different rates. We have a variety of cycles: seasonal, daily, yearly (notice I skipped monthly, though for more on that, please see Party in My Pants!!)

We all need intake time to produce output time. Which means, it's OK to let yourself rest. To take a nap in the yard. Or lay on the floor all day with your rabbit.

Find what works for you and don't judge yourself for doing it.

Balance is the key.

Balance AND cute rabbit ears.

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Emma said...

Great post! You're so right.

Also, that tail is adorable.