Friday, March 27, 2009

Flip Friday

But, please -- don't Flip me too much.

You see, due to a little something called Weather, I have this dizzy thing happening this week.

The main problem with this, of course, isn't that I feel a little woozy.

It's not even that I had to come home from work yesterday because I almost fell out of my office chair.

No, the main problem with this dizzy thing is that Zoe and I got an early gift from the Easter Bunny in the mail and we want to PLAY, goshdarnit!!

And, what, you may ask, did the Easter Bunny bring?

"Yes, it's true.
I do know the Easter Bunny personally.
I'm THAT kind of rabbit."

The Flip.


I know, it's way cool.

Zoe and I are WAY COOL. (At least we will be when we can really get going.)

For now, we are kicking off Flip Friday with, what else...

A New Zoe video: Zoe and the Fellowship of the (Willow) Ring.

It's geeky, it's rabbity, and besides starring Zoe, it also stars The Willow Ring, the distant cousin of Zoe's favorite toy, The Willow Ball.

She's out of Willow Balls, of course, because she eats through them quickly, and so she's stuck with what she sees as Willow Ball's substandard cousin, Willow Ring.

But, it will do, apparently.

I don't think it's going to win any Oscars, but Zoe said it might Win the Dizzy Drama Award.

Is that really an award, or did Zoe just make that up? Hmmmmm....

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Emma said...

I love these videos! And The Flip sounds so fun!