Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hello? Spring?

I know it's coming.

Spring, I mean.

But, I can't say that I'm not just a little anxious for it.

I miss riding my bike to work. And, while I am at work, I miss not being able to comfortably go outside for warm sunny walks by Presque Isle Bay.

Yesterday, it was only about 15 degrees Fahrenheit, but because I miss being out by the water so much, I thought I would venture out anyway and take some pictures.

You know, to remind myself about what is on the way.

So, here are some of my pictures. If you're not from Erie, these will show you a little of the magic our beautiful port city has to offer. If you are from Erie, these will hopefully remind you of why you love it here!

Gulls! You should have heard them screaming
when I came walking toward them.
They do not care for me, because I am
convinced that they are made of Styrofoam.
And I am not afraid to say it.

Smugglers' Wharf.
A summertime fave for an outdoor lunch or dinner
while watching sailboats out on the Bay.
During the Prohibition, Erie was big on
smuggling in "things" from Canada.
Hence, Smugglers' Wharf and a little bar
down the boardwalk that sports the name
Rum Runner's.
Do we see a theme?

The Victorian Princess.
A cool paddle wheel boat that can
be rented for floating fun.
It docks right near the Library.

Mallards! Mr. Man keeps watch while
wifey catches some needed zzzzzzs.
Dare I say this?
These little duck bodies remind me of....
Miss Zoe
(I don't think she heard that. Whew!)

The waterway from the sailboat parking lot to the Bay at large.
Also the site of a very exciting duck rescue last fall
involving a veterinary student, our Library security guard,
and yours truly falling into the Bay.

The U.S. Brig Niagara.
It's berth is right outside the windows of the Library.
This is a replica of the actual Brig that
helped win the Battle of Lake Erie in the War of 1812.

(Are you impressed by my historical knowledge?
That caption sounded so serious!)

The rocks where I sit to eat my lunch all summer long.
See how they look out over the beauteous water?
Of course, they are a bit icy in this photo,
but when it warms up,
this is where you can find me most days from 1-2 PM

The Hershey's Kiss Church!
Actually, it's a Russian Orthodox Church,
but one time, I was giving a library tour to some 4th graders,
and one looked out the window of the Library
upon this Church and exclaimed, wide-eyed,
"Are those Hershey's Kisses up there?
With almonds???!"

Ever since, it has been dubbed the Hershey's Kiss Church.

I hoped you enjoyed today's tour.


Emma said...

Great tour! How fabulous to eat lunch by the water. =)

Sometime you'll have to tell the Duck Rescue Tale!

Jessica Dawn said...

I love the Hershey Kiss Church. I love old churches like that. The architecture is amazing. I like that one even better now with it's name. I have been out taking pictures too. Listening to the birds. Walking...yes, spring is on it's way.