Friday, March 13, 2009

Look! It's new!

So, I came home from work yesterday, and Blisschick was giddy with excitement.

"I have a su-pri-ise," she sang as I walked in the door.

Then she added, "It's for you AND Zoe!"

I wondered what it could be. It was just my birthday last week, so I didn't think it was another present.

I do know that I have a new black, and therefore more formal, Disapproving Rabbits T-shirt on the way, so I thought it might be that (here's a link to the official disapproving rabbits mugs, as I think they are revamping the T-shirt right now).

No. It wasn't that.

Blisschick scurried up the stairs. I followed.

"Grab your rabbit," she giggled as we got to the top of the stairs.

I went into Zoe's room. It was time for her crunch, so she wasn't especially thrilled about being picked up or about leaving the room. But, she snuggled in for the ride to the next room anyhow.

"Are you seriously going to pick me up
and carry me around
when it's time for my luscious dinner?
Really?" (Sigh.)

Yes, Zoe, I really did pick you up.

So, what was Blisschick on about?

My new banner!! SMILE!!

While I was away at work, one of the many things she did was revamp the banner at the top of my blog to feature the unequaled and always fashionable Miss Zoe! It was the coolest surprise after a taxing day.

Thanks, Blisschick!! You are awesome!!!

This weekend, I will return the favor by helping her put together her new, magical apple green desk. A fair exchange, I think.

Also, in response to some of the wonderful ideas many of you sent in about new milagros, Zoe and I will be working on some new pendants.

Tune in next week to see what those are all about.

Until then, I have to go freshen someone's hay and water. Now that she has top billing, she's EXTRA demanding!!

Can you even imagine?


Emma said...


Special Guest...MISS ZOE!

Love it!

Jennifer Hugon said...

Uh-oh! Zoe's diva-ness is growing! :)

I love the look on her face in the new banner... what a personality!