Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Lately, things have been busy here at the Lilypad.

Busy in a good way.

Part of what makes it feel busy is that in addition to the work we all need to get done here in the way of writing, painting, blogging, entertaining, drawing, making rabbit salads, feeding cats, scooping litter, etc. etc. etc., there's often, also, a good deal of monkey business going on around here.

See for yourself:

Exhibit A:
Blisschick and Rosie

Exhibit B:
Lilly and Zoe

Really. Need I say more?

Anyhow, amidst the silliness, some seriousity does take place. Some.

Working on my logo for Ordinary Miracles was one of those recent seriousnesses.

I still haven't gotten too far with that. I keep putting it off in favor of other things. I guess because I'm still thinking about its function, and also because I'm still mulling over a lot of the ideas and questions I got from those who do things in the graphic designy arena for a living like this person and this person.

And then, in the midst of all this thinking, which is pretty hard work for me anyway, another logo thing happened.

Our friend, Al, asked me to design a banner logo for his partner, Emma, to use on her blog.

We met Emma and Al Steinfeld about 6 years ago or so at CelebrateErie. Blisschick and I were there to sell my art in the art booth, and Al and Emma walked in to check things out. A month or so later, Emma called me up and commissioned me to paint their pug, and then later, their Siamese cat, and our friendship was born.

A few weeks ago, Al came to see me at the library with a sketch already made of what he thought the logo might look like, and we went from there. It actually ended up pretty much like his original vision.

I'm pretty happy with the result. Check it out here, at Emma's blog, Eriepressible.

Back to the monkey business!!


Emma said...

Hey Marcy! I can't begin to tell you how much I love the logo. You are full of all kinds of awesomeness. All the comments I've received have all been positive, too. I just love your style.

And belated happy birthday. I meant to pop over (I read most blogs in my Google Reader) and wish you and Zoe a happy birthday last week, but, well, I forgot. :( Sorry. I hope you and Zoe had a great time.

Emma said...

Eep eep eep!

And I love the logo you designed!

I never thought about asking to commission a blog logo. Hmm.....

Anonymous said...

Nice work!! A little while ago I did some design for my friend's blog, too!

You can check it out at Yoga for Cynics. Its cool seeing your artwork out there in the world!!

Jennifer Hugon said...

How adorable! I love the fact that the dog is holding a mug of coffe (or tea, I suppose)!