Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rabbits on Bikes and Other Tales or Tails

Miss Zoe, trimming her nails while still looking coy as ever.
I think she may be looking forward to our wee vacation together.
I guess that remains to be seen.

Well, I haven't been riding my bike to work these last couple of days. Captain Janeway and I did ride through the icy air on Sunday of course, but the sun was out and the fresh air got into my lungs.

Normally, once I start riding to work in the Spring (or pre-Spring, as this would more accurately be called), it's pretty hard to stop riding. Once I've had a taste of the freedom that is my bike ride, it's hard to go back to the bus.

But, today, I had a really good reason for not riding that had nothing at all to do with cold air (or my laziness, which is sometimes an issue to hear Miss Zoe tell it-- though, I don't see her riding her bike to work very often. Come to think of it, I'm not sure I've ever seen her ride a bike. Or, go to work. Hmmmm......).

I didn't ride today because I got to go work at our brand new branch library in Edinboro. The new library reused a space formerly occupied and since vacated by a furniture store. It was built to look rather like a barn, with lots of beautiful natural lighting, and complete with a lofty area, that never really was for hay, but might pretend so if you asked it.

"Did I hear someone mention hay?" Zoe just asked looking quite coy.

Excuse me a moment.

"Yes, Zoe, but I only mentioned a hayish lofty area, not hay itself."

She does like to interrupt.

Anyway, here's some pictures:

A shot from behind the Circulation Desk, where I was working.

A shot from the back of the library, looking toward the front.
If you look closely (sorry about the contrast)
you can see the winding path that meanders through the stacks.

The FIREPLACE!! What a great place to hang out and read.

The lofty ceiling area. Those are some really neat-o-neat fans hanging.

And now, while we wait for temperatures to warm up and the bike riding weather to begin to improve, I will be on vacation for a few days. Exciting stuff, that!

This week is Zoe's and my birthday week, so it's a time to celebrate and have some fun being creative-- doing some painting and writing and snuggling LOTS of mammals!!

Then, maybe after a few days off, I'll try to get Zoe to ride to work with me.

Or not.


Emma said...

The library looks lovely! Oh, I love libraries! And the idea of a fireplace in a library is fabulous!

I look forward to photos of Zoe on her bike. ;)

Sarah K said...

Hey! You should have mentioned you were in Edinboro! I had something to pick up but have been putting it off for no reason whatsoever.

My mom is disappointed that there isn't a second story to the library. She thinks all that space up top would have been great for reading (huge windows, etc.) I hope they one day get a nice comfy couch (or comfier chairs) for the area around the fireplace. Or, perhaps, they don't want anyone to stay too long...I know I didn't!

Hope you're enjoying your mini-vacation!