Monday, March 23, 2009

Mixed Babies and Mixed Baby Greens

Yesterday, Blisschick and I were sitting in Miss Zoe's room.

It was a lazy Sunday. What else would we be doing?

The window was open, and the three of us sat sniffing the fresh air coming in. It was still a little chilly (that breeze off the still icy Lake can seriously slow down the warm up here in Erie), but it was warm enough for Miss Lilly to jump in the room and head to the open window to check things out. (Hence, mixed babies)

Miss Lilly wants those outdoor birdies to come a little closer. She wants those birdies to get into her mouth. But that's another story.

It was also warm enough for Miss Zoe to prompt us to action with a question:

"When might you be planning to plant my salad greens?" Miss Zoe asked.

She did not even try to be nonchalant or non-demanding. She is who she is. Miss Zoe gets right to the heart of the matter.

Zoe enjoys her Organic Mixed Baby Greens
from the Whole Foods Coop,
but she prefers them straight from the yard
whenever possible.

Blisschick had ordered seeds weeks ago. Rick the mailman had delivered them. And that's as far as it had gone so far.

But, because Zoe asked, we grabbed the envelope of seeds and went to sit outside in the warm sun to rip it open, hopeful that, perhaps, on this loveliest of fresh Spring days, we might be able to plant something.


Much to our dismay, we looked through all the packets to discover that for the seeds we got, the ground needs to have warmed to about 60 degrees F before we can really get started.

We're not quite there yet. I don't know how warm or cold the ground is, but it's not 60 degrees, that's for sure.

Seeds for a certain Gourmet Bunny

[An aside: Do you want to know what Miss Lilly was doing while we sat outside? Click here. If you don't want to know, then read on. But come on-- aren't you a little curious?]

We were able to come back inside with news of the seeds, however, and that seemed enough for Zoe. We told her, "We have three kinds of lettuce, kale, French dandelion, and carrot seeds all for you!"

She gave a smug look before turning her back to us. We could tell she was pleased.

At least, I think that's what the smug look must have meant. Don't you think?

For the time being, I will have to settle for the annual Springtime excavation of the most dreaded of all recurring yard plants, the yucca.

It's not planting seeds, but it will tide me over for now.

Time to boil the water.

Yucca beware!


Jennifer Hugon said...

Ah! The Miss Lilly video made me squeal. I have a certain white kitty that is the exact same way. He can't stand it when we go outside without him!

I can't wait to start planting!!

Kavindra said...

Oh thank goodness I clicked that video! She looks like she's going for a swim!