Monday, January 11, 2010

Welcome, Monday!

Zoe and I had a great weekend.

How about you?

Are you wondering what was good about Zoe's weekend?

Zoe had a hard week. You can see from these pictures how She was forced to go up the stairs.

She needed some rest.

So, while Zoe rested, the Chick and I had a really busy Saturday. In the morning, we got Rosie the Awesome Cat some baby food. That's what she's onto now. Other food doesn't sound so good. What sounds good to her is baby food, as fed to her on our fingers and hands.

Totally fine. She is our Little Princess.
Then, we tried out a new Vegetarian/ vegan cafe in town called The Singing Bowl. YUM! I had the BLT with tempeh bacon, which was completely delish. We also stopped at the discount dance supply tore nearby to get the Chick some shoes for ballroom dancing. That was a great success!

Later in the day, we had a friend over to discuss a Tarot Party that we're going to host for her. That was fun, and we got lots of planning done.

Zoe continued to rest on Sunday, while I painted. Here's some stuff I worked on:

The Chick with Toby

Self Portrait with Zoe

What did you do over the weekend?

Certainly you didn't work as hard as a Bunny all week. We're not sure if you deserve rest.

Face it-- you will NEVER work as hard as a Bunny. NEVER!


Emma said...

Great portraits!!

Did I have to climb up stairs where each stair was higher than my head? No...I didn''re right. Zoe worked hard!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Pssst Zoe -- there are labour laws in this country, you know!

Kavindra said...

So many emotions running through me as I read this post -
sadness and sorrow watching poor Miss Zoe struggle up ALL those stairs ...
joy and happiness seeing the new portraits ...
sadness again reading Emma's insightful comment - she's right, the stairs are too high for a little rabbit!

(Confidential to Miss Zoe
next time your mum stands there and photographs you instead of picking you up and carrying you - give her a little nip on the ankle.)

Bethany said...

I LOVE your art!!!!!
The self potrait is priceless.