Monday, January 25, 2010

Miss Rosie is Still the Boss of Me

Rosie and me.
It was a strange weekend.

For the last month and half, we've been pretty focused on Rosie-- does she need a snack? Is she coughing? Should we get her up and make her walk around a little? Does she need something?

It was hard for us to let her rest. We wanted to squeeze out every possible moment with her that we could. We wanted to do all we could for her and meet her every need, but we also didn't want to miss any time with her.

Each day with her felt precious.

And now, with her gone, I find myself looking in her sleeping spots and simply missing her. Her sweet gray fur suit was in my sight everyday for the last 15 years.

It's just hard to let that go.

But, we're doing our best. We are doing so much better with Rosie.

Ernie was unexpected. Completely.

Jobie was not unexpected, but when he went to Sparkle Pond after so many months of sickness and discomfort, we were lost. When he was gone, it was like our day had no structure left. Each and every day had become about taking care of him. Each day was comprised of the struggle to feed him and to make him as comfortable as we possibly could.

With Rosie, it was as though she gave us a gift. No long, agonizing decline. She was very efficient. And no vet. She made the decision to leave this earth on her own terms.

We are so thankful for that.

On the morning of her death, Rosie meowed at me. I hadn't heard her use her voice in many weeks.

On the morning of her death, Rosie came out to the kitchen for breakfast and tried to climb up on her little red stool. She'd not done that in many weeks, either.

You've seen this before, but it's sooooo cute!!!

All these things were gifts. And if there's anything I want to remember about Rosie, it is this: That She Was a Gift.

That each day with her, each day on this earth, each day we meow and try to get on our stool, these are gifts.

My tribute to Rosie is to live. To live as fully as I can, doing the things I enjoy, and to love the things around me that are a part of my life, both in the Lilypad and out.

This is a reminder to you to LIVE YOUR LIFE.

Or, Rosie's going to kick your butt.

And, she's serious.
It may look like a yawn, but.. LOOK OUT!!!


StorytellERdoc said...

Hey M! Beautiful, poignant tribute to your family...Rosie is one lucky cat to have two moms love her the way you and C have.
See you tomorrow.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

She will always live in your heart.

Emma said...


Kavindra said...

These are hard days I know - before, while you're watching them go, it feels like you can't get any sadder ... until they do go.

These are wonderful photos of Rosie, in all her many colors and moods :) I especially enjoy the "kick ass" one.

Laura Hegfield said...

Marcy it is so hard to loose our furry friends. I miss our Clydie, Eb, Ginger and Lev. All dear kitties who left their soulprints on our hearts forever.

Linnea said...

If you don't object, I'm going to paste a photo of "kick ass Rosie" into my Moleskine notebook/planner. It's so easy to fall into ruts and forget to live.

Rosie was a gift, indeed.

Marcy Hall said...

linnea, feel free to paste a copy of any of our kick ass animals in your notebook planner. they will all give you the evil eye whenever you need it. trust me. :)

rosie would be honored!