Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dream a Last Dream

Miss Zoe patiently awaits the end of these confounded dreams.

You know, I can't even tell where I am in the numbering of my dream posts. It's just like me to start counting to 10 and to have lost track by the time I've gotten to 5.

Just ask the Chick. I am easily distracted.

Be that as it may... Zoe is demanding that we move on to other topics (I'm not sure what She has in mind, but I'm sure it will have Something to do with the Importance of Rabbits as opposed to the importance of human concerns of any kind), and so for now, today's dream post will be the last of its kind.

Since I've started writing these dreams down for you, I've had many others, of course, and I told Zoe as much the other day. The discussion went a little like this:

"You know, I have had other interesting dreams in the last few weeks that I could share, Zoe."

Big Rabbit Sigh. Big Rabbit Yawn.

"Do You want to hear them, Oh, Wise and Beautiful Bunny?" I said, kissing Her Rabbit behind with my words.

"What are they about?" She asked as She tapped Her Claws on Her slate tiles.
Tap, tap, tap.

"All sorts of things!!" I said, excited that She wanted to hear them. "I've had a dream about a Full Moon, a dream about a Crescent Moon, a dream about a Red Tailed Hawk..." My voice trailed off as She looked away.

"But are they FUNNY?" she said simply, not looking at me, still tapping Her Claws.

"Uh.... wellllllll.... " I swallowed. "Nope. I guess not."

"I rest My case," Zoe said as She hopped into the hay box. Then She added, "My hay could use a fluffing, in case you hadn't noticed."

OK, so Zoe's right. Those dreams aren't funny. This last dream I have to share with you actually isn't as much funny as it is weird (I guess like any of them). So here it goes.

In this dream, I am jogging or running (I don't really know the difference). I was in the small town where I went to college, New Wilmington, PA, (a bit of an AmishTown, USA). I was running along the sidewalks, waving at Amish people in their horse drawn buggies. I felt really good-- my breathing was perfect, my strides were just right.

I got to the actual "downtown" of New Wilmington (and I say "downtown" because it's not so much a "downtown" as a pizza shop and a general store) and I stopped in front of a store front that was filled with television screens. Every TV screen was filled with some news show telling about a Nuclear disaster of some kind.

(Side note: SEE??? NOT funny!!! This part is unusual for me-- a dream about disaster? Not me. I dream about cats in the coffee aisle, for goodness sake!! This part of the dream came about because I had just read Douglas Coupland's book Generation X, and while I can't now tell you what that novel is about, I have always blamed it for this part of this dream, so it must be something about fear of Nuclear disaster that takes place in the mind of Generation Xers like myself.)

Here comes the good part!

So I think to myself, "Why am I watching these televisions when I was having such a nice jog/ run?" and I turn to keep going, and suddenly, I am surrounded by....


Everywhere. Floating cat heads. They float slowly by in a flock. They make me smile and laugh, and, though they are obviously a little freaky (disembodied cat heads? COME ON!! FREAKY!!), I generally like them, and they make me feel at ease.

Then, I woke.
Miss Emmie plays the role of
"Floating Cat Head"
like nobody's business!!

And so, there you have it. A dream to consider during your day.

Interpretations, anyone?


Linnea said...

That watching kitties is infinitely superior to watching TV. The former relaxes you, the latter is generally tripe.

Seriously, I have no idea, but that sounds good.

*pets Miss Zoe and thanks Her for Her patience, because the humans have enjoyed the Dream Series*

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, the interpretation is clear. The ultimate symbol of "peace" = Amish. The ultimate symbol of "war" = nuclear destruction. The ultimate symbol of "just ignore unimportant stuff like that and feed me already" = cats. You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

I want not approve on it. I regard as polite post. Expressly the title attracted me to be familiar with the sound story.

Kavindra said...

Hmmm, obviously anonymous has figured it all out here - only too bad the interpretation is written in code!

Emma said...

AaAHHHHhhHHH! Floating cat heads! That's weird!

That's MY interpretation!

Marcy Hall said...

i think you could all take a lesson from anonymous.

enough said familiar with the sound story.


Bethany said...

Miss Emmy plays a perfectly eerie floating cat head. Love that pic of Zoe on the stripped rug. Good idea to keep running. Run toward the cat head, away from the nuclear war.
I don't know what your dream means, but I want not approve on it,
so don't worry.

Bethany said...

It was a sound story, even with the floating heads.

Jeanne Klaver said...

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Linda said...

I just wanted to say your blog brightened my day, thanks for sharing!