Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Animals So Cute You Could Just Vomit

As I was thinking through what to write about for today (I actually did have a few ideas that Zoe didn't care for), I began to scroll through the pictures in my iPhoto, and it suddenly and with great urgency became quite clear to me what I had to write about today:


There are so many cute Animal pictures on my computer, it seems a shame not to share them. Or re-share them. That's a little like re-gifting, I guess.

First, we have some butt shots (look away, please, if you are easily offended):

NOT FAT!!! Fluffy!

A Derriere! Hmmm...a little rude, but wait

Oops, wrong one!

There we go. A little modesty, Rabbit! Please!!

OK, never mind. That's just cute.

The Business End of Miss Lilly

OK, please don't ask what Miss Emmie's
butt is doing in this picture.
It's... complicated.

Now, some full on head shots:

Rosie the Cat is bored and annoyed with you. Please walk away slowly.

But, Toby wants to PLAY!!!!

Scottie hams it up.

Again, please don't ask about Miss Emmie.
Complicated, remember?

Wait! How'd they get in there? HALF!!!

Let's hone in on LIPS for a moment:

I mean, WOW!!!!

And, now, FEET:

SO many feet and hands!
Can you count them all?

Finally, things just so cute, you'd better get the bucket. NOW!!!!

Oh, and one more thing: A Rabbit to cleanse your palette:

"After all those CATS,
you need to cleanse your palette.
Believe you me!"

Well, there you have it!

What's so cute in YOUR life that you could just vomit?

(Disclaimer: the Chick here...HELLO!?!?! I no longer have those braces and my white hairs are covered and well...I do NOT hang out with that SHEEP!)

(Pay no attention to that disclaimer. She SOOOO hangs out with that sheep.)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Get the bucket! Thar she blows!

Emma said...

This post was a little too cute. I am overwhelmed!

Top picks: The two-cat snuggle and the lips!!!!!!!!!!

Bethany said...

I needed that today.
Thank you.
Cuteness abounds, the Chick too.

Kavindra said...

Tell the chick I think the braces are cute too.

But nowhere near as cute as 2 cats who just met who will spoon ... omg!

And still, she is behind the cuteness of a sheared cat, and a rabbit's behind.

But ... aren't we all? :)