Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What the!?!?!$%#@$%@#?

Yeah, you read that right!  What the!?!?%$&^%%@@#%%#?

People think, Oh, that Blueb, so sweet and quiet, but I have a MOUTH and right now, I am using it!

I share more in common with the Dark Haired Mother than just...hair color.

What is all the cussing about, you are asking?

It seems that Mama Number One -- the one that is super good about worshiping me -- has gone and left us all for this thing called, "Italy."  Like, what the?!?!#^#$*#@%?


Is it cute like me?  Is it soft?  Can you FREAKING HYPNOTIZE IT!?!

I don't think so!!

Yeah, I'm a little peeved, to say the least.  And I am trying to control my mouth for the sake of the children.

Anyway, even BIGGER NEWS is that it seems like that Mama may have escaped my clutches with ZOE in her BAG!

DOUBLE what the!?!$@$%#^$$I&#?

I mean, you know, maybe I am just not noticing Zoe...maybe I haven't even really looked for her...whatever.  It SEEMS like she is gone.

I am thinking we may notice in pictures to come...


Linnea said...

Calm down, Blueberry; calm down. *pets*

(OK, Zoe, come on out. You know they can quarantine you for months in Italy, right? Besides, it's not nice to tease your bunny friends like that.)

Emma said...

Holy #@$%^&!

Blueberry is hardcore. I think she's also right! Italy looks all pointy, NOT soft!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I always knew there was a streak of blue in Blueberry!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Blueb! Your mama will be back before you know it and I'm sure she'll miss you every day until her return. Miss Zoe has to be there somewhere, lol.