Friday, October 1, 2010

The Whats?

Blueberry here again.  First, I still have not seen hide nor hair (pun!) of Zoe...

Second, Mama #1, the one who Deserted Us (or I should say, "Me") on Tuesday, had a horrible travel day (with which I had nothing to do whatsoever...cough).

Speaking of Mama #1, what is with Mama #2...I mean, I don't think that's a very...nice name.  It's a bit...potty, wouldn't you say?

But I digress.

Mama #1 had a horrible travel day with all sorts of diverted planes and missed planes and simply plain planes (come on! no wi-fi except in first class!?!? who ARE these people that run airlines?!).

Yet she managed to send us some photos over which we are meant to fawn, I suppose.

Here is a picture of, I think she said "Alps," which just sorta sounds like some dog food, and as a flat-lander, Great Lakes sort of Rabbit, who prefers a lot green stuff, I am not impressed, but oh, well, excuse my yawning!

She got this shot from inside that very plain plane.  She must have been rather bored and there must not have been any Rabbits anywhere!  As I am known to say: What the!?!?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I suspect Miss Zoe is a stowaway in somebody's luggage! Probably passing herself off as a fur muff or something to customs officials.

Emma said...

Haha...potty! =D


Nice Alps!

I guess the group was trying to save money by going with a no-rabbit airline, but come on. Some things should be standard!!