Monday, September 20, 2010

Next Monday at This Time...

It is hard to believe, but next Monday at this time, I will be preparing to leave for Italy the very next day. That means that a week from tomorrow, I will actually be FLYING TO ITALY!!!

It's been a long time since my mom told me she was going to go to Italy and asked me to go, too. It seemed so far in the future for so long that it didn't seem like a real thing that I would actually do.

But now, the time approaches. I don't feel ready at all! But then, I also feel very ready. It's a strange feeling. I guess I feel ready to have an adventure, ready to experience new things, ready to be somewhere else for awhile. But, being away from home is always weird. I am used to my routines of home and work, used to the people I see everyday, and most of all, I am used to having 2 Rabbits, 4 cats, and the Chick always with me. This will be the longest time all of us have ever been apart.

Therein lies any apprehension I feel. The separation will be uncomfortable, to say the least.

I mean, look at these faces!!


I will be missing those faces for 3 whole weeks!  GOOD GRIEF!!!

Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Well, none of them look particularly pleased about this news! But bon voyage anyway. Wishing you a fabulous time, even though you can't pack a Chick, 2x rabbits & 4x cats in your luggage! :)

Emma said...

Are you sure they wouldn't fit in a carry-on bag? Oh, I'm sure you've tried that already.

You'll miss all those creatures, but I hope it is a fantastic trip and when you get back you can hug them all a billion times!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful vacation! Bring back some wonderful Italian recipes for your housemates.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts (and envy) are with you as you prepare for this next adventure!

(Great photos!)