Monday, June 14, 2010


True Confessions here:  Zoe and I have been confused lately about our blog.

We love writing Ordinary Enchantment.  We love telling you tales of the Lilypad and its Mammalian Contents.  Now that Blueberry is here, She and Zoe discussed things and decided that they kind of wanted their own blog, separate from Lesser Things such as cats, art, stories about the Chick and me.

"We want Our Own Blog!!!"

That's all well and good, but They forget that while They may come up with the content, I still have to help them with the work-- take Their pictures, make Their Movies, etc.  And while They were thinking about doing this, I was thinking about starting a new kind of blog completely.  One about Food and Art and Drink and such.

It's confusing because we here at the Lilypad love SO MANY THINGS!  We love to make Art.  We love to Write.  We love Animals.  We love to Bake and Cook.  We love to Drink things.


Writing separately about all those things seemed like too much.  Too time consuming.  Too overwhelming.  Especially because I want to have time to do all those things listed above!

Plus, I am starting on some new adventures, like trying to get in better shape (again!) by running and boxing, and also trying to bake gluten-free things for the Chick.  I may even try to make her gluten-free beer out of buckwheat.  Add to that that there are many Animals here who all need a lot of attention, and sometimes hospice care (as you will see today on the Chick's blog-- our precious Scottie is not at his best.)

Our Little Old Man, Scottie

So, here is our decision:  For now, I said "no" to the Rabbit Girls about having Their Own blog.  We may still do that in the future.  Maybe event he not so far away future.  But right now, what is Important is FOCUS.  It's kind of something I lack and definitely something I need to work on.

The point of all this is to tell you that Ordinary Enchantment is officially branching out.  There will still be Rabbits and Cats and Art.  But there may be more of Other Things as well.  More Everyday Occurrences.  More Ordinary Enchantment, which is how I see my life.

It's going to be hard on Certain Rabbits, who like to be the Center of Attention, but it's the way it has to be.

DON'T WORRY!!!!  There will still be Flip Friday Rabbit Movies.  For those of you who were worried, rest assured that that will not diminish.

"Rabbit Movies had better NOT diminish!!  I just got here!!!"

Are you ready for this Adventure?  I HOPE SO!!!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Bring it on! Woo hoo!

Emma said...

Your blog thinks it's Monday!

I'm ready, too. I think this is going to be good.

cocosparkle said...

I'm super excited to hear that you are NOT branching out on seperate blogs. I think that having all your stories on one is perfect and look forward to hearing them. I'm very happy to hear rabbit movies are still on for Fridays as well. :)

Rebecca said...

Can't wait to hear about EVERYTHING!!

Ruby said...

I'm with cocosparkle, i.e. I'm glad that you're staying with this one blog while broadening your and our horizon with different topics. And I'm with everybody else, i.e. I look forward to hearing all about it!

Kavindra said...

More Marcy can only be a good thing! And me too, I like finding all you fabulous girls in one place.

Linnea said...

I want to hear it all. Bring it on. You and the Chick and your Menagerie inspire and delight me.