Friday, June 11, 2010

Flip Friday

One day a few weeks ago, as is my usual practice,  I opened the door to leave for work.  Normally, when I open the door to leave for work, the main thing I do is make sure the MiniCat isn't too close by.   I had done that, and he was nowhere in sight.

The thing is, though I am looking for something that may run OUT of the house, I am not usually too aware of things that may run IN.  And, on that particular morning, while I was vigilant about keeping the MiniCat IN, I was not vigilant about keeping Outdoor Whatnot OUT.

That being said, as I opened the door, I felt like I saw something shoot past me and into the house.  It wasn't a cat and it wasn't a mouse or a dog.

It wasn't even... A Bunny.

It seemed small but substantial.

In fact it sort of clomped by me.  Quickly.  Clomp clomp clomp clomp CLOMP!

I was already running late.  The MiniCat was in, and I had to go whether ther was something in the house or not.

"Hmmmmm...." I thought as I got on my bike to ride to work.  "I wonder what that was?  I must have imagined it, right?"  I agreed with myself, and then went about my day.

The next morning, the same thing happened.  I innocently opened the door and-- ZIP!! Something went right past me.  I felt like I saw a blurry flash of metal and then that was it.  Nothing else was in sight.  I scanned the room, and, seeing no small animals or anything else besides a wide-eyed MiniCat, I left for work and forgot all about it.

On the third morning, I was ready.  I creaked the door open, oh, so slowly.  I looked from side to side.  Seeing nothing, I exited the house and began to close the door behind me, when-- WHOOSH!!  Something went by me again!  This time it felt like a bag swished by my leg.  It almost made me lose my balance!

And, then, last night, when I got home from work, and I went up to the Rabbit Room to feed The Girls, I saw what those whooshes and zips were all about.

I called out to the Chick.  "Well," she said when she saw what was going on in the Rabbit Room, "at least you have your movie for Flip Friday.

And, that, I do.

Behold the Rabbits with their new,  friends...

Noses and Gnomes: Take One from marcy hall on Vimeo.
I hope you make some new friends this weekend, too!

Best Rabbit Wishes to you for a Wonderful Weekend!!


Emma said...

GNOOOOOMES! I gnew it!

In the end, they seem to accept the gnomes. Is that an accurate interpretation?

The gnomes seem very still in this video. I guess they're not used to being filmed.

Marcy Hall said...

emma, you are so right-- they are not used to being filmed. i think that's why they look so still. it is a bit weird, though, isn't it? well, they ARE gnomes. i don't feel like i really "get" them yet.

Linnea said...

Bunnies, gnomes AND impromptu dance moment! Who could ask for more?!

You could take Amelie-style stills of the gnomes (with the Rabbits, of course, if They feel like cooperating that day).

Debra She Who Seeks said...

So did Hans, Franz and Gunter pass the Sniff Test?