Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Big News at the Lilypad!

And you thought we had Big News last week!!  Well, we did.

If you read last week, then you know that last week's news consisted of welcoming This Rabbit...

...into the Lilypad fold (WELCOME LITTLE BLUEBERRY!!)

But today's news might knock you over, which is what happened when This Rabbit heard the news (and I don't mean about Blueberry!)

"Whoa!!!! WHAT???"

Today's news is Big, but not in a Mammal way.  Well, at least, not in a Small Mammal way.

Today's News is Big in a Large Mammal way.

Here-- let me give you a hint...

We here at the Lilypad have been car free for the last nine years.  It has been difficult.  It has been delightful.  It has been a pain in the butt.  It has been easy.

Not having a car is a series of paradoxes.

When we first gave up our car, we did it for a lot of reasons.  As artist/ writer/and now dancer types, we didn't want to be tied to the financial obligation for one thing.  Also, the war in Iraq was just beginning and not having a car was our own little protest. 

But, as the years went on, it got more difficult to get around without relying on others, which was never our intention.  Our local bus company, struggling with drops in ridership, reduced its service, making it impossible for me to ride home from my night shift at the library and also making it difficult to get around on weekends either to get to and fro work or to get out and enjoy music or other activities.

Of course, our bikes were always good for these tasks in the moderate weather.  But, let's face it-- we live in Erie, PA.  We love it here, and this is no way a dig on our weather, but we get a lot of SNOW!  and ICE!!  Both these things put a damper on biking for many months of the year.

We could deal with all of this stuff, though.  And we have.

Except, now things have changed:  The Chick has started living a different kind of life.  We both have changes coming that require more mobility.

And so, the time seemed right.

We have gone back and forth on this decision so many times, that, truthfully, neither one seems totally right.  But, we feel like we've learned enough in the past nine years to be responsible car owners, and that's important to us.

Here we go, then, on a New Adventure!!!  MAMMALS ON WHEELS!!!!

The Lilypad with her New Addition, the Kia Soul named "Seven"


Emma said...

Mammals on Wheels: Rolling to a Town Near You!

Anonymous said...

Hey Marcy! I LOVE your house! And the car you and Christine bought is very cute. Of course, not as cute as either of the rabbits living in the Lilypad, but still... cute!

And really, I think it's fair enough to get a car if life is getting a bit tricky without one.

Like I've always said about my state of car-lessness, it'd be different if I had children or something that really needed to be carted around. Or if I had to do a lot of travel. Until then, I'm pretty good without a car!

But yay for you and Christine, and long may Seven serve you faithfully :)

tinkerbell the bipolar faerie said...

Welcome Seven. Yeah for the two of you!

cocosparkle said...

Wow!! I just bought a Kia Soul (vanilla shake color) and I named her Lil! So funny!

I think it's fantastic that you went 9 years without a vehicle! That is awesome. I wish I could do that but I live in the country and commute to the city. There is no public transportation for me.

ps I thought you were going to say your big news was Blueberry was pregnant!!! LOL WHEW!!!

Linnea said...

Welcome, Seven! (I hope you or Christine will tell us the story behind the name one day.)

When the transmission on my Honda died last year (sob) it was a $3K repair job, but still cheaper than a new car payment. While Hahli (that's my Honda's name) was being fixed, the dealership rented a little Kia Rio for me.

I liked that car. A lot. It was fun to drive, it was the perfect size for my 5'3" self, and all the car I needed for running around town (which is what I mostly do). I kindasortawantone now (which means Linnea has to get a day job).

Enjoy yours!

Linnea said...

Also: I LOVE the front view of the Lilypad! said...

Congrats on the car; I know you'll all make good use of it. Enjoy!
I guess I didn't realize other adults named their cars too...I secretly call mine Scarlett! :)

And I LOVE the house! It's adorable!

Anonymous said...

I am speechless.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I am still reeling from last week's Big Announcement! And now this! Whew, what's next?

StorytellERdoc said...

Congrats to the both of you! I know this decision did not come easy, but I know you two will be good mommies to the new addition!

WOW...still settling in...


Anonymous said...

Um...hello!? Can you even SEE our house!?

I guess I need to prune that willow!!!


And if you make the photo bigger, please excuse my funky face I am making. I tend to do that in photos -- Marcy calls them my Bird Faces.

Susann said...

Oh, my goodness, well done! I was car- free when I lived in Toronto & had access to great public transit (& rental agencies for when I did want/need one -- those big bags of kitty litter don't balance well on a bike!). But now I'm a CountrifiedChick & need a car, and like that, too. But, I must say I'm very surprised you didn't buy a VW Rabbit. Enjoy!

Lisa said...

Hey! Congratulations on your new family member and your new car! So exciting. :)

Sandy Dempsey said...

A beautiful home, now a beautiful car, for two beautiful people. Congrats!

Dovelily said...

A big welcome to the Lilypad to Seven! Congrats on your new addition and long may she serve you well!