Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blueberry's Choice

Last week, Zoe suggested we write about wine.  And, Blueberry thought that if we were going to write about fruit at all, we should write about....well... Blueberries.

More specifically, She thought we should write about Blueberry.  And by Blueberry, of course, She meant we should write about Her.  Herself.

It makes sense, really.   Of course a Rabbit would want to write about Herself.  Of course She would.  And She would want you to read about Her.  And you would WANT TO!!!

The thing is this:  We want to write about Blueberry, but we also want to write about one other fruity thing.  So, we're going to tackle both subjects.  I KNOW, I KNOW!  Risky!  It is.  But I think it will be OK.

First up, Blueberry.  In lieu of actually writing about Blueberry (because HOW COULD WORDS SUFFICE?!?) we are just going to show a picture of Her.

As for the other fruit, it has to do with Cherries.  It is Cherry season here in Northwestern Pennsylvania, so it's a good time to write of them.  And, as it is always beer season, it seems that one should write of Cherries and Beer right about now.

Blueberry, Cherries, and Beer.  A triumvirate of sorts.  At least for the purposes of including everything in this post.

First off, let me say that if you have never tried fruit infused beer, you should.  And if you live in the part of the world that is now experiencing Summer, now is a good time to try a fruity beer.  Just because it's good.  Here at the Lilypad, we tend to think of fruity beers as Summer fare.

You may find yourself at your local beer store or grocer wondering, "What would Zoe and or Blueberry choose?"

Give yourself a pat on the back for asking that question, will you?  Thanks.

Since you asked, here's what Rabbits Recommend:

Samuel Smith Organic Cherry Ale.  WOWZA!  Now, that's good stuff!

It's not too sweet, it's not too tart.  It is simply smooth and refreshing.

Which brings us back to a certain Rabbit...  It has come full circle.

See, I told you we could write about it all in one post.  Did you doubt me?

You shouldn't.  I have Rabbit Power on my side.



Emma said...

Cherry ale, eh? Hmmm....hmmm...

I'm having trouble imagining this. I would try a sip of it, though, if Blueberry would share!

The other day, we tried some blueberry (the fruit!!) coffee. In this case, it was iced coffee. It sounded potentially gross, but was much better than expected. Still...not amazing. Not as amazing as something named "blueberry" should be, certainly.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love the cherry ale's charmingly old-fashioned label.

Rebecca said...

Great post - I am loving the idea of fruity summer beers.

Good advice - Next time I am at an impasse I will ask myself "what would Zoe and Blueberry choose"?

And of course - only a pro such as yourself could wiggle in the word triumvirate.