Monday, June 7, 2010

Friends We Miss

Lately, the Chick and I have felt a little out of sorts.

It is not a sad out of sorts, necessarily.  Not exactly.  It's more of an underlying persistent kind of ache that you feel when something is missing.  Like, we were walking trough Lowe's today, and suddenly, Christine turned to me and said she was missing Rosie the cat like crazy.

We realized that we both were.

And when we say we miss Rosie the Cat, we realize that we miss Jobie and Ernie the Cats, too, and that I miss my Grandpa and also my Grandma, who went to Sparkle Pond right before Ernie. 

And then, we remember that we are feeling this way in large part because today is the one year anniversary of our dear friend Ken's passage to Sparkle Pond.  Besides that, in another few days, in fact on the 12th of June, it will also mark the one year anniversary of my friend Susan's (with whom I worked) passage to Sparkle Pond.

That's a lot of people to be missing!

I guess more than any sadness, what we are feeling about these passings, both the ones that were timely (like my Grandparents, who were both in their 90s and the cats who were like little oldsters themselves) and the ones that were not so timely (like Ken and Susan who were both in their 50s) is a sense of urgency-- are we living our lives as we want to live them?  Are we doing the things we were put on this Earth to do?  Are we keeping our promises to be the people we say we want to be?

Those are questions that the Chick and I contemplate all the time.  Our lives are always a balance to live our creative dreams while still dealing with the practicalities of day to day living.  It is a difficult balance sometimes, and it can get frustrating and seem overwhelming.

We have a lot of Diva Moments here in the Lilypad as we try to negotiate these types of challenges.

We are Very Challenged!

"Challenged?  Yeah-- no kidding!!"

The point is, though, that we try to meet these challenges with some amount of Grace.  And that Grace is something that we learned from the People and Cats I mentioned at the beginning of this post.

Also, it is partly through the Teachings of Such People and Such Cats that we remember that these things that we do?  They really are Worthwhile and Important.

Living our Dreams is Worthwhile and Important.

We will feel out of sorts for awhile now.  And that's OK because that is our Reminder.

As the Chick often says, "It's Important to Remember to Remember."

So, that's what we will do.


StorytellERdoc said...

Hey M

Great of your best and most reflective posts. Sorry for your losses, but they are smiling down on you everytime their memory passes in your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

This is just lovely. And we can certainly relate.

There's some perpetual missing going on over here, too.

Thank you for sharing your authentic, balance-seeking, grace-filled journey with us. We are so much richer because of it!

Emma said...

It IS important to remember. Very good post.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love your concept of "Sparkle Pond" and "Sparkle Suits" as metaphors for the Afterlife. Did you create them or are they from a book/movie/etc.?