Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Two Fun Things

Today's post is about...FUN.

That's right.  FUN.

It is also about....RABBITS and CATS.

Well, really, what IS fun if it's not Rabbits and Cats?  Right?

First, we have a painting.  This is not a painting made here on the premises of the Lilypad. It is an out of town sort of painting from Avid Rabbit and Cat Fan, Miss Ashlyn!

Ashlyn is a regular reader of Ordinary Enchantment and a Special Friend to All the Lilypad Animals.  She has dared to render paintings and drawings of even the most elusive of the Lilypad Cats....Miss Emmie.  You may remember THIS POST from when it was Ashlyn's Birthday.  It was a Special Day.  That was also the day Blueberry decided to move in permanently. 

Today, The Rabbits and I feature a painting Miss Ashlyn has painted of the Lilypad's FRESHEST Cat, Miss Daisy.  This painting arrived in the mail the other day.  As you know, we love when Mailman Rick brings good mail, so it was a pretty darned exciting day!

Without further delay, then, I present....Miss Daisy by Artist ASHLYN!!

Nice going, Ashlyn!  
You've captured my beauty exquisitely!

The second thing on today's agenda is and item of the Rabbit variety.  Are you ready for this?

(You may want to sit down first...)

This is my new water bottle:

I'm sure you can't read the bottom.  It says "Rabbits like flowers that smell like poo."



(Some things are funnier to me, of course, than they are to Other People.)

At any rate, we hope you enjoyed today's FUN THINGS!!!!  Thanks to Ashlyn for Her Support of Cats and Rabbits!!!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Miss Daisy has never looked so good! Wonderful painting!

Linnea said...

Miss Ashlyn is pleased that Miss Daisy enjoyed the Appreciation of Her Beauty rendered on canvas.

(The bottle is hilarious, too. Don't look at us like that, Miss Zoe. Please?)

Emma said...

I love that painting! Look at those toes! =)

Haha! Your water bottle is crazy. =D