Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Welcome to Wednesday

Well, it's Wednesday.

(I know it seems kind of dumb to say that, but you never know who's reading for whom it may not be Wednesday, and that fact would end up making the title of this post seem a little stupid.)

On Monday, we did not discuss anything Remotely Rabbity.  And, much to the chagrin of The Ones who live here, today's post will sadly also be distinctly Non Rabbity.  However, in an effort to appease Certain Creatures, I may sprinkle a smattering of Rabbit Photos throughout.

On Monday, I also told you that I would tell you a little about the projects I've been working on. 

I've been trying not to be too strict with myself about What To Do and When.  That's hard for me.  I am a girl who likes to have goals and end products.  I am a girl who likes to see a culmination to effort. 

Raise your hands, all you out there, if you have a hard time Doing Things Just For the Sake of Doing Things.


I thought so.

Imagine, then, the difficulty of being partway into the writing of a novel, which I am, and realizing that though you can barely stand to set it aside, due to the simple fact that you've started it, that it's not the right thing to be writing. 

That's what I decided the other day.  I decided that I needed to start a new writing project that is about the issues that the Chick and I are dealing with right now.  Kind of a memoir of our life together thus far, about our trials and tribulations and how we deal with them.  Which is sometimes well, and sometimes not so well.  I've decided to do this because I think that, sadly, the Chick is not that unusual in how she feels about herself and the world, and that people, especially couples, would benefit from reading about our experiences if even through the lens of just having others with whom to identify.

And, that, is the project I have decided to work on now.

That and photography.  And, whatever else comes up.  :)

Of course, I could change my mind tomorrow.  And that's part of the point of my Year of Savoring experiences. 

The point is that I don't hold myself to ideas or expectations.  If I feel called to write this book I am currently working on, then that's what I will do.  If I decide to change my mind, so be it.

I'm trying Something New, and I'm letting go of Expectations.

I'm breaking all my Rules.

What Rules are YOU breaking lately?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Is Miss Zoe giving you the stink-eye in that one photo? Ha ha, great shots. And keep on breaking the rules!

StorytellERdoc said...

Good luck with the new writing project, M! I'm sure it will be amazing! Hugs to you and C.

Jacqueline said...

Marcy, I can't wait to read this new book of yours, if it is meant to be! I have been reading your and the Chick's blogs for a while now, and I think it will be a thoughtful and elegant treatise on human nature, personal growth, and interpersonal relationships. You both are so brave and so generous to share your innermost thoughts and struggles. I can see from the Chick's writings how much you help her through and help her be grounded and stay real. Best of luck with this endeavor (no pressure though!!).