Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Tidings

There are so many things to write about today that I almost can't decide.

In reality, it's not an almost.  I really can't decide.  Instead of picking, I'm just going to write about a bunch of stuff.

The main things I've been doing lately is taking pictures.  Like on Sunday, we got home from a little adventure and I put the Chick down for a wee nap and unloaded 101 pictures (not Dalmations) from my camera.

I said to Zoe and Blueberry, "What will happen when I'm in Italy?  Think of all the pictures I'm going to take while I'm there!"  (Newsflash:  in case you'd forgotten or didn't know, I am going to Italy in just a little over a month.  Ummmmm.....SQUEAL!)

So, here are a couple of highlights from the most recent picture taking extravaganzas.

First, we have some pictures of water like things and water loving birds.  I work at the Erie County Public Library, which is right on the bay of Lake Erie.  It is a lovely place to be, especially at lunch or dinnertime when I get to go for a stroll with my camera.  Here's a few shots from last week.

Next are some cats.  I haven't posted any cat pictures in awhile, so I'll just let you gaze upon their beauty.  These pics are of the Fresh Cats.  Miss Emmie (who is not so fresh, honestly) wasn't feeling like being a star.  You know how it is some days.  Your hair isn't quite right or whatever and you just don't want to be the star.

This next set of pictures is from a cemetery that I used to be quite fond of when I was younger.  My best friend, Ann, and I used to ride our bikes there and hang out with a particular (dead) chap named Hiram Augustus Bell, who was some distant relation of Ann's mother's.  We would picnic there and sometimes even sleep.

Next is a Grasshopper that was not so hoppy that I found on our mailbox.  He was missing a leg.  Anyone know a maker of prosthetic bug legs?  Contact this fellow:

Finally, here is a picture of a couple of Rabbits who live in this Lilypad.  You'll notice that one of the Rabbits has longer ears than the other.  Don't worry.  That's normal.


Ketzirah (Carly) said...

I love the look on Ms. Zoe's face in that last shot! She does not seem to appreciate sharing the picture with Christine!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

A wonderful miscellany of photos!

Emma said...

Great photos! I really like that ship. The picture of Toby licking that feather for all its worth...haha!

Lots of good stuff here.

dEstiNy's cHild said...

wow...ur really gud..
hey,,,but y didnt u follow me yet buddy?

Anonymous said...
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