Friday, January 16, 2009

Weekend Getaway

Oh, it's a crazy day here in the rabbit room. A cat has decided to invade the rabbit space and sit amongst the salad bowls from days past. She somehow thinks this must be something cats do in the wild. I tried to explain to her that there's no Fiestaware in the depths of the jungle, but I think that little speech fell on deaf ears.

To add to that, the baby Jesus in our hand-me-down creche (pronounced "cree-chee" here at our house) seems to have somehow procured my new ipod shuffle. What's up with that?

I know-- it seems a little irreverent. But from what I heard from the shepherd boy, the angel suggested that Mary and Joseph play the baby a little Mozart. It will make him good at math. Though, he seems more of a people person.

With all this craziness in the house, doesn't it seem like it's time for a vacation?

Well, a retreat is more like it. This weekend, I'm headed off to Mount St. Benedict Monastery for a little time away from things like iPods, work, jungle cats, and general civilization. The Mount has these wonderful retreat houses where one can go to stay for a few quiet days. One can refresh oneself in a little hermitage in the woods at a place they call Listening Point.

When I made my reservation a couple of weeks back, the cabin that was available was the Hildegard cabin. I think that seems auspicious.

I know. It's supposed to snow, like, a foot of snow this weekend, and the wind chills are predicted to be 20-25 below zero. But, I'm a hearty Scottish-descended lass with a great pair of snowshoes and a propensity for making the best of things. So, I'm fine with that.

I'm certainly gong to be missing this little rabbit face plus all the other little faces in the house (including Blisschick's), but it will do me some good to get away. Just me, my journal and pen, the camera and my snowshoes.

It should be a delightful adventure, don't you think?

Baby Jesus, you can hold onto the Shuffle until I get back.


Shell said...

Spending a weekend in monastery retreat for a weekend in winter sounds romantic and inspiring to me. Your lovely cat looks just like mine. Tuxedo cats are the best. Enjoy your wonderful weekend.

carlikup said...

You are so cool Marcy!

Have a great & peaceful weekend!

Jennifer Hugon said...

That sounds like an amazing get away! I hope you have a wonderful, peaceful and inspiring weekend.