Friday, January 9, 2009

Dirty Footprints: Part Deux

This morning, I awoke and wandered down the hall to say good morning to Miss Zoe. She was all business (as you can see above).

"Do you remember," Miss Zoe said with a coy and impatient look on her face, "earlier in the week when you promised to write more about Connie from Dirty Footprints? You promised to remember to take the camera to work and take pictures of your Dirty Footprints Art? Well, did you remember?"

That rabbit really is a task master. But she had a point.

"Yes," I replied, truthfully thinking more about espresso right then than anything else. "I remembered. I'll get right on it."

Zoe hopped away, triumphantly.

So, as promised, here is my Dirty Footprints, Connie-created conglomeration of beautiful art. These are my library office's windows on the world:

First, the trees. Above, you see "Just Before Night," and below "On A Walk."

I was content with just the pair of trees. They are so lovely and everyone who walks into my office exclaims something about their beauty. As well they should.

But then, my Blisschick ordered me another, and along in the mail came "Lunar," which you see below. Take a moment to really look at this one:

See them? In the upper left hand corner?

It just so happened that I was on the phone with a library patron discussing something about how she'd gotten a bill in the mail for overdue books she had "never checked out," and in the midst of what can only be described as her "rant" my eyes wandered over, as they often do, to my Connie wall, and that's when I noticed it: "Lunar" contains three moons (Really! Go back and look!).

I absent-mindedly mumble-whispered into the phone, "That is so cool!"

To which the woman on the other end of the line replied, "What did you say?"

To which I replied, "I don't think I said anything ma'am. Must have been some static."

The rest of the day, those three moons made me smile and sort of giggle as I wondered: what planet does Connie live on anyway? Has she been to Stargate Atlantis? If so, I am jealous.

Here's the three original ink drawings all together on my wall. Cool, huh? Thanks again Connie. I look forward to collecting more of your art.


Jennifer Hugon said...

Connie's pieces look fabulous grouped together! What a great grouping. And that Zoe is quite a task master indeed. I need to get my kitties more motivated to stay on top of me like that!

Is Erie getting hit with snow tomorrow like we are?

Cheers and stay cozy!

Connie said...

No Stargate Atlantis Miss Marcy!! I painted that little lunar-ite during the know, when the mercury reaches past 120 degrees here in the those temps you start to see things!

Peace & Love.

carlikup said...

Those are my favourites ~ absolutely love them!