Monday, January 19, 2009

All I have to say is, WOW!

"What did you say?" Miss Lilly said while practically choking on a crunchy cat food morsel.

"I'm pretty sure you heard me," I said, pretending not to be totally excited. (One has to show some sense of decorum, after all.)

From the next room, Miss Zoe echoed a similar sentiment: "What are you talking about?"

Miss Zoe in an indignant pose.

"I know, I know," I said. "It's completely and totally weird and cool and crazy. But I just sold a little piece that I made up and painted and had on my Etsy store to Courtney Love Cobain. You know-- Courtney Love Cobain?"

"Yes, yes, of course," said Miss Zoe, her nose high in the air. "Of course we know Courtney. She totally rocks. I love Hole." Miss Zoe does have wide musical tastes. (Note her use of the royal we.)

Well, of course she knows. She is a rabbit of the world. And, she loves sassy female musicians.

Zoe is the one that told me to write up the slip to order Courtney's book Dirty Blonde for the library (where I work). It has since been stolen and reordered a few times. Who would have guessed?

She's also the one who sat with me a couple of years ago when I was devouring bios of Kurt Cobain. Zoe loved Kurt-- he had and loved a rabbit after all.

Anyway, that was a pretty major thing here in this little house. Rather surreal.

And just in case you need a little something for a special someone, check out the updates coming in another day or so to my Etsy store, Ordinary Miracles. Valentine's Day is fast approaching. And what else says "I love you" like an anatomical heart?

Not much, in my opinion.

Coming on Wednesday: News of my weekend past. Good stuff, that.


carlikup said...

O.M.G. ~ wOw !

That is so awesome Marcy, so awesome! But you know what? I am "so" not surprised cuz your art speaks for itself ...

I'm sure she'll be buying more!

Can't wait to read about your weekend!


Tess said...

Well Miss Marcy, I do hope that none of you, including Miss Lilly and Miss Zoe, will get too self-important with this wonderful news! I'm sure YOU won't, but I'm not at all sure about Miss Zoe.
(I think this may be the first time I've delurked to post a comment here, but am an admirer via Blisschick.)

Anonymous said...

WOW! Congratulations!

Connie said...

Noway!! That's crazy talk!!! How awesome are you?

Answer: "Courtney Love Cobain" Awesome!

Hope you had a great retreat!! Welcome back!

Peace & Love.

Kavindra said...

When you are featured in O magazine's list of Oprah's favorite things, and all the movie stars and rock stars are buying your things and flying you out to paint murals in their mansions, don't forget Zoe, the little rabbit who started this all for you.

Anonymous said...

Ha!! That is not what I expected to read! I didn't know Courtney shopped etsy... =)

Jessica Dawn said...

how wonderful for you and Zoe (but don't forget Lilly)

Jennifer Hugon said...

That is SO cool!! Congrats on the fun sale and I agree with Carla above... I'm not super surprised because your work is amazing!


Marcy said...

hey, i know this kind of thing only happens because of misses zoe and lilly. when crazy stuff like this happens to one in life, one always knows know it's totally due to the tireless support and constant inspiration of one's rabbit and one's cat! make no mistake about it!

carlikup said...

Okay ... are Misses Lilly & Zoe putting you up to this?????

Well, I guess we're going to have to be watching out for those two little sneaks :)