Saturday, January 3, 2009

Art is a window to a whole new world

Though my dream is to someday be only an artist and a writer, I am currently employed as the Circulation Manager at the Erie County Public Library. It is a lovely building located only feet from the gorgeous bay of Lake Erie, where at any time throughout the year, one can look out the window to see any of a number of astounding sites: Presque Isle State Park's Peninsula; sailboats; the Brig Niagra. Just the bay itself is a delight to see each day.

The problem is, from where my office is located, I cannot see these beautiful sights. I see four cream colored walls. So, Zoe suggested some art. "Hanging some art," she wisely said, "would be like having a different kind of window."

She is an extremely smart rabbit. Can you see the smart-osity?

After a lot of searching, Christine ordered me the most perfect art ever from a blogger and artist she had interviewed on BlissChick. (To check out the interview, click here.) Connie is an artist who lives and works in Arizona. She, like I, is a little in love with trees, and that is what Christine first ordered me from Connie's delightful Dirty Footprints Studio.

(A side note: I took our camera to work yesterday to photograph these very trees, and as I unpacked my bag last evening after work, I realized I'd forgotten. Sigh. Next week, I promise not to forget.)

OK, so this little house is where I want to live now.

This is one of Connie's works that we recently purchased (along with another small piece that I also took to work, which now hangs with my trees). Can't you just see yourself moving into this place? Well, you'll have to fight me for it.

More on Connie soon, I promise. For now, I just want to thank her for adding so much to my life by providing these "different kinds of windows." Her art has added immeasurable beauty to my day, and for that, I thank her profusely. I am a Dirty Footprints groupie.


Connie said...

Wow Marcy---double the love!! I'm so humbled and a bit tickled that you feel so deeply about my Art work. Each piece is an extension of my own heart.

Peace & Love.

Jennifer Hugon said...

I am a Dirty Footprints groupie too! I have one of Connie's pieces hanging in my studio and it is a constant glowing inspiration!