Sunday, February 13, 2011

Have you Wondered What the Rabbits are Up To?


Remember us?

Greetings from the Lilypad!

It has been some time since we've blogged.  To be honest, I thought the Rabbits were working on it, but I found out that They weren't.  Last I heard, They were going to dictate posts to a certain cat with thumbs, who I thought They had hired.

I apologize.  I must have misunderstood what They said.  I don't want to say you can't trust Rabbits, but....

Let us (or is it "lettuce"?) not dwell on that, though.

Things have been good here.  I guess I must have needed a wee break!  I have been painting and writing, and the Chick was out of town.  Blah blah blah.  Also, I am inherently lazy about a lot of things. 

But now, I think I'm back.

One thing I've been thinking of doing is a bit of a blog redesign to feature Art that is made here in the Rabbit Room.  I've been painting a lot of animals as well as working on some paintings of my trip to Italy.  I would like to share more of that.

I would also like to start selling paintings here on Ordinary Enchantment to help raise money for the Free Range Cats at Orphan Angels, from whence came Toby, Tuppy, and Daisy and for the Rescued Rabbits at Little Angels Animal Sanctuary, from whence baby Elizabeth came.

At least that's the plan.

So, bear with us in the Rabbit Room while we work on new stuff. 

New Stuff!

New Stuff!

Cute Stuff!

Bossy Stuff!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Rabbits mean well but they can sometimes be easily distracted. That's why you never see any rabbit CEOs or heads of state.

rebecca said...

Debra - hahaha too funny!

Anyway, looking forward to all the new, cute and bossy stuff to come.

Emma said...

Hey, when did you get that new header? So cute!

Looking forward to stuff!