Monday, November 1, 2010

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedy Jig

OK, it is true that I've been home from Italy for...well...a couple of weeks now.

After a three week trip, though, it can be really hard to get back in the swing of things.  ESPECIALLY when the first week of that is spent trying to get your animals (I won't mention any specific Rabbits, but....) to stop shunning you.

Seriously, I would get down on the floor to kiss Zoe, and-- BAM!  She would look away.  I would lean down to pick up Blueberry for a snuggle and-- BAM!  She would run in to Her Lair.

I have since somehow made my way back in to Their graces.  I'm not sure how.  I've learned not to question certain things in life.

My trip was wonderful.  I have about One Million Pictures to share.  Today, I will start doing that, and I will continue to share pictures for a couple of weeks and to tell about my trip.

In the meantime, while I was away, I had lots of time to think.  And in that thinking time, I decided what I really want to focus on artwise for awhile.  And, so I'll be sharing that, too, very soon.


Let's start at the beginning.  I know while I was gone, The Chick and the Bunnies posted a few updates, but there's a lot you missed.

We began our trip in Milano.  Our flight to get there was more than a little harrowing (especially for the Chick).  We got on a plane in Clevelnad, then got off a plane in Cleveland.  Then we got on a plane to Texas and then on a plane to London.  Then, we got off a plane in New york, switched to a different plane and then that plane took us to London.  Then, finally, we took a plane to Milan.

Did you follow that?  Needless to say, we were pretty tired when we arrived.  But after a day or so, we began to explore our surroundings.  We were only there for a couple of days, though, so it seemed that as soon as we found our way around, it was time to go to Tuscany!

So, here's a few shots from Milano:

 My first Italian PIZZA!!!  
This was called the Bismark.  
It had a soft boiled egg right in the center!!

Our Hotel Cat, Susanna, in front of our hotel, La Residenza.

 Il Duomo in the City Centro.

 From inside il Duomo.  
A lovely Madonna painting by one of Italy's thousands of amazing painters.

Scarves for sale!

 Delicious looking treats from the Gelataria near our hotel on Via Pelligrino.

Stay tuned for more over the next few days.

Oh, and we'll throw some Rabbit pictures in.  Not to worry.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Welcome home! Can hardly wait to see more photos!

rebecca said...

Welcome back! Hope you are rested up and getting back into the swing of things. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip and seeing lots more photos - that pizza looked amazing.
Of course I am sure that the bunnies will want a little air-time too!

Emma said...

Yay yay yay!

Egg in the middle of pizza? I need to think about that one for a while, but looks good!

OK, everything looks great. I'm so glad you had a hotel cat to keep an eye on everything.

Pictures! :)