Monday, November 29, 2010

And, Back to Siena!

OK, One last day in Siena.  I know I'm dragging it out, but the Rabbits had to have Their say for Thanksgiving.

You know how it is.

So, back we go to lovely Siena.  Ready?

Remember, no, we just left the Cathedral and we are headed down....the.....stairs....

 ...and, to the Crypt underneath the Cathedral!  This was another one of those places where it is forbidden to take pictures, but I had to take, well, a couple, right?  Please don't call the Polizia!

Anyhow, that's why they are a little dark and/or blurry:

A painting from the wall of the Crypt.  Imagine HOW OLD THIS IS!!!!  I mean, come on!!!

And, another...

This is another randomly placed praying station.  Everywhere, they are!  So cool.

Remember the Panorama site I mentioned that our ticket covered-- to see the big sights in Siena?  Well, this is the arch underneath the Panorama wall you can walk on.  From up there, you can look out over the whole city.  Unfortunately, the line to go up on the wall had a wait that was over an hour long, so I didn't go up the stairs.

I love heights and would have loved to walk across that wall, but actually, the sights from below were equally as cool...

Here are some Italian pigeons.  I haven't shared any pigeon shots yet, have I?  I took pictures of pigeons pretty much every place we went.  I can't resist them.  This one is running through the Piazza right in front of the Cathedral.  RUN, PIGEON, RUN!

This picture shows a bit of the wedding cake look of the Cathedral.  Doesn't it look like it's covered in delicious piped frosting?  Mmmmmmm.  It makes me want cake.  You can also see the gorgeous blue sky that made our day extra nice.

This is a very hungry looking kitty that lives inside the Baptistery.  It made me feel at home.  SOmeone put some food in that trap!  It's hanging open!

Here is the Vespa that I really wanted to bring home.  I don't think it would have fit in my suitcase, but...

I'm not sure why I took this picture, but I did.  I think it was a picture that constituted my "bread crumb trail" of pictures so we could find our way back tot he car.

After a beautiful day in Siena, we came back to our villa in Tavernelle and to THIS SUNSET!

It was truly a wonderful day!  I loved Siena, in case you couldn't tell.  I would highly recommend a trip there if you ever get the opportunity.

I can't remember where we are off to next.  Oh, wait, I think I remember.  Well, you will find out on Wednesday!  SEE YOU THEN!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Doorways in Italy are so great, like that one beside the Vespa.

Emma said...

Well, it just so happens that your bread-crumb-trail-picture is a great one! Cool.

You are like a spy, taking photos of forbidden sites and art. (Do spies do that?)

You have a basement, right? Maybe you should paint the walls like they did in this crypt!

rebecca said...

Beautiful sunset photo. Really all your photos are great - including your poached ones!