Friday, November 12, 2010

Flip Friday

Here in Erie, Pennsylvania, Winter is approaching.

Winter can get super cold here because of the Lake and stuff.  We get a ton of snow and so winter coats are Important.

Even though Rabbits don't go outside, Winter Coats are Important to Them, too.  And so, each year about this time, They Molt off their Summer/ Autumn Coat and they grow their new Winter Snow Coat.

I say all this to say this:  Rabbits are a little Messy right now.  They are busy molting.  They have bits of hair here and there that just pop up and out.

When you're a Star, you want people to see you at Your Best.

Now, They know that you are not judgmental!  Of course you aren't!  Even so, They are Sensitive about Their looks.

AND, I say ALL THAT to say THIS:  You are getting Old Rabbit Movies Again.  Reruns.  Oldies but Goodies. 

So there you are.   Your Rabbit Fix. 

On Monday, back to Italy!!

Have a great weekend!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

You always pick the perfect music for your rabbit videos!

Emma said...

Rabbits can do it all, can't they? Even grow their own winter wardrobe. Here's to rabbits!

rebecca said...

We completely understand that the Rabbits are a little sensitive about airing their less than stellar coats at the moment. Doodle Dogs own hair is, shall we say, looking a bit awkward. He did though enjoy seeing an authentic Italian dog. Those praying stations were indeed fascinating - can't wait to see more!