Monday, October 4, 2010

Sacred Sites & Pizza

The Chick here.

A tiny update on Marcy's Italian Adventure: they are currently in their villa in Tuscany.  They took a day of rest on Sunday.  Marcy wrote to me about sitting in an Olive grove and writing in her journal.  She is taking a million photos and can't wait to share them, but we are having a pretty difficult time with communication.  Italy is hilly, advanced, and secure.

Here are some shots from her first day in Milan.  She visited Duomo di Milano, where she lit a candle for this Catholic Yogini Chick in front of a gorgeous Mary portrait (saving that for later):

Here she is showing off her tired, jet-laggyness:

And finally, her first REAL pizza!


My favorite part of this is not the juxtaposition of the beautiful Italian pizza and the American coke (though I like that), but the juxtaposition of said items and the white linens.  Makes me smile.

(Note: Blueberry wanted to write this post, but I thought it best to give all our ears a rest from her prolific profanity usage.  I mean, really, there's no way to stop her once she gets started.)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Mmmmm, that pizza looks good! Can't wait to hear more adventures!

Linnea said...

I'm going to dress up my dinner table tonight. Thank you, Italy, for the inspiration.

Emma said...

Amazing architecture! Thanks for sharing some glimpses with us. :)

I now want to eat pizza...

Anonymous said...

Oh, divine pizza!!!

Great photos :)

Thanks for keeping us updated!