Monday, February 16, 2009

Neither snow, nor rain...

We don't always get the most thrilling mail here at our little mammal-filled abode we like to call Lilypad.

I often look forward to the Val-Pak coupons if that gives you any idea.

This past Friday, we even got someone else's mail. The fact that their mail wasn't exciting either was some comfort to me.

But you know how the saying goes-- when it rains it pours!

On Saturday, we got a mailbox full of love! Makes sense, since it was Valentine's Day.

"I don't remember authorizing
any Valentine's Day spending. Hmph!"

First off, there was love from Party in My Pants (PIMP). Luci Daum, PIMP extraordinaire, sent us these awesome Short and Fat prototypes for, well... that time of the month. If you haven't checked out Party in My Pants or you don't know what this picture below depicts, then you need to check out the PIMP site immediately!!! I mean, like, right now!!!!

Seriously, girls, you have to try these.

Next, and also from Luci, is this Great Kitty Cuff:

Just a little something Luci whipped up in her spare time.

She sent one for Blisschick and one for me. I haven't taken mine off (well, except in the shower) since it arrived. Just look at those grouchy cats! Awesome!

And, now, introducing (Squishy) Frida Kahlo from bluJAY studio:

"Soy Libre" is written on her little dress. Sorry-- blurry shot.

This sweet little doll was my actual Valentine's Day gift from Blisschick. We absolutely love Frida. Besides being of our favorite artists (and, I know, a million other people's), we also greatly admire her as a person. Someday, we want to go to Mexico to see where she lived and worked. (Seeing wild monkeys would also be a MAJOR BONUS!)

Last, but not least, is this totally funky laptop sleeve made by Janine King Designs for my computer, Jing Jing. Because I still have that (sometimes pesky) full time job, I often take Jing Jing to work with me for a little writing and creative time on my lunch or dinner break.

Really, can you blame Jing Jing for wanting to travel in style?

Funky fun, yes? YES!

Wait, you didn't think we forgot Miss Zoe did you? Seriously?!?

Well, then take a gander at this here giant box being guarded by none other than the Lovely Miss Lilly:

What's in the box? Sweet Hay for the Sweetest Rabbit from Sweet Meadow Farms, that's what!

Time for a cocktail, Mr. Postman. We got our money's worth out of you!


Jennifer Hugon said...

What a great mail day! Isn't there something special about getting packages?

And hey, I have an apron and oven mitt made of the same fabric as your laptop case! Fun!

Emma said...

Fun mail is the best! =D