Friday, February 27, 2009

Cool, calm, and collected

Zoe mentioned to me last night as we were having our evening snuggle that she thought my previous posts this week were a little bizarre.

"Bashed in doll heads?" she asked as she licked her shoulder. "Non-edible babies?" (She's not completely over the comment I made about her looking like a Cheddar Bunny.)

As she began giving herself her nightly pedicure, she looked up coyly and asked, "What's up for Friday? Lucky rabbit's feet?"


Of course, I find feet attached to a rabbit to be delightfully lucky, but they have to be attached. I find disembodied parts to be frightful.

Wait, I should qualify that: I find disembodied animal parts to be frightful.

(An aside: Miss Kitty at the library pointed out to me last year that she thought it was strange that I cannot bring myself to eat a chocolate Easter bunny, but I have no problem eating the little chocolate praying hands that they make. But, I guess that's a story for my therapist. Sorry.)

Mmmmmm... chocolate praying hands.
As Homer Simpson would say, "Sacrilicious."

Anyhow, in keeping with the theme of strange dolls and disembodied parts, I thought I'd share with you a couple of my collections.

Now, I'm supposing that sounds a little weird, but bear with me.

First, my "found doll" collection:

When you ride your bike or walk pretty much everywhere as Blisschick and I do, you find some pretty strange things lying around in the street. As a person who has forever been unhealthily attached to inanimate objects, I cannot resist picking them up and taking them home.

Next, my contributions to disembodied parts:

My cat whisker collection.
I've been keeping this collection for about 4 years
and have whiskers here from 8 different cats. WOW!

And, my cat fur collection.
The furs in this bag are only from cats
that live or have lived in our own house.

I don't really think of myself as a collector, but I guess I am.

Of course, Zoe's collection has nothing to do with dolls or disembodied parts. Her collection has to do with her refusal to carry things down to the kitchen when she's done with them.

Zoe's Afternoon Rabbit Salad Bowl Collection.
She prefers to think of it as installation art.
OK. Whatever.

What do you collect?


Connie said...

Wow! I have another friend that collects cat whiskers too! She has a really pretty box that she keeps them in...and like you, they're from the various cats that have shared her life with her.

Peace & Love.

Emma said...

Have you considered spinning that cat fur into yarn?

Emma said...

P.S. What do you think of those chocolate crosses? I think they're pretty creepy! You don't seen chocolate electric chairs... :)

Anonymous said...

I couldn't collect my cat's hair, more just a sample. She's soooo fluffy (part Tabby, part Persian) that a month's worth of her fur would fill that little baggy of yours!

I have a very modest collection of teapots. Would have more, 'cept I'm kinda anti accumulating too much 'stuff'... I do love a good pot of tea, though...

Jennifer Hugon said...

Hahah! I have a favorite t-shirt that says "There's nothing lucky about a rabbit with no feet" and it has a cute little bunny picture with no feet.

As for collections... art, twisted stuffed animals (the plush kind), wine and yummy recipes! Oh, and a very small collection of wonderful friends!