Thursday, June 2, 2011

Back to Work

It just so happened that over this Memorial Day Weekend, I was able to take a few days off to spend time at home in the Lilypad.  It was delightful!

Now I am back to work at the Library.  Unfortunately, there are no Rabbits there (on a regular basis, that is).

While I was home, I spent time working on quite a few projects.  One project was to make some paintings for our Favorite Local Free Range Cat Shelter, Orphan Angels.  They just moved into a brand new facility, so if you are local to Erie, PA, you need to check it out!!

One Very Exciting Thing about their new location is that they can buy the building, which is awesome.  In an effort to help raise some money for this purpose, Blueberry and Elizabeth and All the Cats and I have been working on some paintings to hang in their new space.  All proceeds from any sales will go directly to support this Awesome New Cat House!!

We call it "The Meow Translation Series."
You've always wondered what your cat was saying, right?  Well, let us help you with that:

(play with me)
30 inches by 24 inches
$130 USD (plus $20 for shipping)

(turn on the water)
24 inches by 36 inches
$150 USD (Plus $20 for shipping)

(i love you)
16 inches by 20 inches
$80 USD (plus $15 for shipping)

There are a few more paintings in the Meow Series already painted and many more to come!  

DO YOU think YOUR cat has something to say?  SUBMIT YOUR OWN CAT by sending me an email with a picture and your translation of his or her meow.  No fair letting your cat help!

Let YOUR CAT help Orphan Angels raise money to buy their building!!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

That's very generous of you to support the Shelter with your art!

Emma said...

I like them!! :)

I'll try to translate something from one of our cats...

Beep*Beep*Dutch said...

sometimes my cat says "MEOW" = feed me or I will knock you down the stairs.

rebecca said...

Great art and a great cause! You rock Marcy!