Friday, May 27, 2011

Miss Zoe Presents: RAW!!

On Thursday morning, through the Magic of Facebook, I found out this fact: 

 You are right now in the midst of it.  Are you taken aback?  Shocked, surprised, or otherwise wowed?

I know I was.  I mean as a companion to two Wonderful Rabbits, how could I not be Aware of the fact that I am supposed to be Aware of my Rabbits on this particular week?  I suppose it's possible that I am Aware of Them pretty much all the time, and that I wake up wondering, "What are the Rabbits doing???" and then I rush down the hallway to see.  It is possible that I do that.

So, it's possible that I am already Aware of Rabbits.  It's possible.  It may also be probable.

BUT, that doesn't mean that Rabbits should not have Their Own Week.  It also doesn't mean that the World should not be made aware of Them.  In fact, the World Should Be Rocked By the Power of Rabbits.  Positively Rocked.

Consider yourself made aware.  Aware.  Rabbits want you to Know.

In Celebration of Rabbit Awareness Week (a.k.a. RAW) I thought I would share a couple of Fun Rabbit Facts and also post a video about this Important Topic.  So, here it goes.

-- The largest Rabbit Litter ever recorded had 24 Kittens (Baby Rabbits)!!!

-- A rabbit chews 120 times a minute and has 17,000 tastebuds. That's 7,000 more than humans and 15,000 more than dogs.

-- And, third, though this is not a proven fact and I can find no actual evidence of this right now, so it may not be a fact at all, but something I, myself, made up, I, for some reason, believe that Rabbits have 72 whiskers.  Why do I believe this?   (QUICK!  If you have a Rabbit, count Her/ His whiskers, stat!)

In any case....RABBITS ARE AMAZING!!

Now, Blueberry and Elizabeth Demand that you enjoy this video:

(OK, I couldn't get the video to embed its bad self, so CLICK HERE TO SEE IT!!!!)


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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Cute video! Love "the Lady and the Tramp" moment!

Hey, does RAW entitle us to take a day off from work as a statutory holiday? It should.