Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday Baby Rabbit Update

Elizabeth has lived here for almost two months now.   I thought I should write a wee update about Her progress.

First let me say this:  She is Big.  Like, bigger than you would think when you hear the words "Baby Rabbit."  She is really the same size as Zoe was as a full grown Bunny.  And She is not even six months old yet.  Let me be the first to say:  EEK.

Second, She has a Super Long Tail.  Before I knew Rabbits personally, I always pictured Rabbit Tails as kind of short and small and cotton bally.  But Elizabeth's tail is long, as was Zoe's before Her.

A very loooooooong tail.

A long tail, indeed. 

Some other updates are as follows:

1.  She likes ALL SALAD FOODS now:

2.  She has figured out that She can squeeze through the Rabbit Gate to make Her way down the hall.

Who?  ME?

3.  She has pretty much decided that rolling is about the Best Thing Ever.  She rolls well and often.  I promise to get a video of this ASAP.  She rolls onto Her back, arms in the air, and just lays there.

4.  She loves cat toys!  Like, LOVES THEM.  Especially balls with bells in them.

And that, my friends, is the Wednesday Baby Rabbit Update.

Carry on with your day, and carry the knowledge of Elizabeth with you.


Art D said...

Ahhh..but how are her litterbox habits? Our trio's improved dramatically after they turned one year old. She definitely has a face made for film!

Emma said...

Great update! She's so cute!

I thought she was going to be a tiny critter when she first arrive (in fact, I think someone with a name beginning with "Marcy" told me that), but then she was not-so-tiny. Now, you say she's pretty huge. Is she going to become a massive rabbitzilla?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

All hail Elizabeth R! R for rabbit and regina too.

rebecca said...

She seems like a very smart little bunny - or should I say big bunny. Of course what I really mean is ADOBABLE bunny!! Can't wait to see her upcoming video!