Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Awesome Birthday Present

So, at some point last week, I think I said I was going to tell you about my Super Exciting Birthday Gift.

I think I have mentioned before that we have an Invisible Rabbit named Mr. Rumi who selects our gifts.  I have told you that, right?

In case you missed that story, Mr Rumi was the name of a Wonderful Rabbit who we brought home from the local German Heritage Festival many years ago.  We loved Mr. Rumi.  He was so soft and sweet.

Then, we took Mr. Rumi to the veterinarian, and, welllllll........  we got a surprise.

I've told you this story, right?

Mr. Rumi = Miss Zoe.  Well, you see, they told us She was a He when we got Her at the German Fest!  What were we supposed to do?

To make a long story even longer, we couldn't give up Mr. Rumi.  Instead, we made up a lovely story about an Invisible Bunny who lives in a drawer in the Rabbit Room, and who buys presents for the Residents of the Lilypad, and that became... MR. RUMI!

So, now we are finally getting to the crux of the matter.  A few weeks ago, before my Birthday, I sent Mr Rumi an email to tell him something that I wanted for my Birthday.  It was something I had mentioned before, but hadn't really pursued.  This time, though, I made it a priority.

And so, Dear Readers, meet Mr Rumi's gift to me!!

Her name is Luna.  She is a Ukulele!!!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Can I have Mr. Rumi's email? There's some wonderful and beautiful gifts that I'd like too!

When can we expect to see a video of you playing your magnificent ukulele?

Emma said...

Wow, this is a very beautiful uke, too! How awesome!

rebecca said...

I don't know much about Ukuleles, but I am sure that is the prettiest one I have ever seen!

Good job Mr. Rumi!