Monday, January 17, 2011


If you are like Blueberry....
...then you are wondering how a new Rabbit suddenly ended up in the Rabbit Room!?!?! 

Well, sit down and I'll tell you the tale. 

After Miss Zoe went to Sparkle Pond, I was so very sad.  Blueberry was a blessing to me.  Just having a Rabbit still in the Rabbit Room was a wonderful thing.  Blueberry has not even been here for a year, but She has brought immeasurable joy.

Still, there is something about the Mini Rex that feels So Very Special to me.  I don't know if it's their velvety soft fur or their winsome personality, or what it is specifically.  It might just be that Zoe was My First Rabbit Love and She was a Mini Rex.  First loves are like that. 

Yes, it's probably that. 

Zoe was my First Rabbit Love, and She taught me so much about LOVE, that I thought She would eventually send another Mini Rex to take her place on the Earth. 

She Adored Herself after all, so why wouldn't She?

We wanted a Rescue Bunny and a Mini Rex, but we also wanted a baby because we thought Blueberry might take to a baby better than a grown up.  Our main concern was that we didn't want to upset Blueberry. 

I looked at all our local shelters, but there were hardly any bunnies, and no Mini Rex.  Next, I did a search online and found a shelter called Little Angels Animal Sanctuary about 40 minutes away in Sherman, New York that is just for BUNNIES!  (Well, I think they might also have a few random chickens, and I think a horse, and maybe a few other Animals, but it's mostly BUNNIES!)

Paula, who runs the shelter, told me she would keep an eye out for a young Mini Rex just for me.  She goes to auctions where these sweet little bunnies are NOT auctioned off to loving families, if you know what I mean.  It is hard for me to even think about.  She is often allowed to pick one animal to save out of a batch to be auctioned.  She saw Elizabeth, and knew She was for me.

I will stop the story there.  We think Zoe played a big role in bringing Elizabeth to us.  Though, I will be eternally grateful to Paula for doing the work of finding our precious new baby. (by the way, she does not solicit funds, really, but Paula does take donations if you feel so inclined and want to help needy bunnies.  She has one named Hope, who we got to meet, who needs very expensive leg surgery.  If you have some money burning a hole in your pocket....)

When we met Elizabeth, what was one of the first things we noticed?  (Look closely in her Sweet Ear)

SHE HAS LOVE TATTOOED IN HER EAR!!!  A message from Zoe.

On to a couple more pictures...

Elizabeth's Dr. Evil impression.

Elizabeth's Senior Portrait (though, of course, She hasn't started school yet!)

Elizabeth chewing a stick.  Well, look how cute it is!  Cute is not complicated.

There will be lots more Elizabeth and Blueberry to come.  Stay tuned.

Right now, I have to go hold some Rabbits!


Art D. said...

Our Hopping Horde of Herbivores welcomes Miss Elizabeth to her forever home!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

She is so adorable!

Emma said...

Soooooo cuuuuuuuuute!