Saturday, January 8, 2011

ZOE PRESENTS: Cinematic Saturday

It's the Year of the Rabbit.  That's true.

But, we musn't forget the Other Animals who live here in the Lilypad.

Oh, no.

We musn't.

This week on ZOE PRESENTS, we see a movie that stars all of the Stars here at Lilypad.   As the movie begins, you'll find that Miss Blueberry has really stepped up Her acting from last weeks "Rest-ie."  As for the....Others...I couldn't get them to do anything that could officially be called jumping or leaping or anything, but at least there's a wee bit of Activity.

That's all we ask for.

It stars their new Cat Tree, which has proved to be more popular than we ever would have imagined.  Like, so WAAAAAAAAY more popular than we ever would have imagined.  Like, WOW!


Miss Zoe Presents: A Lilypad Movie Starring Everyone! from marcy hall on Vimeo.



Emma said...

Good movie! =)

Have you had any instances of more than one cat per cat tree level?

rebecca said...

Miss Blueberry has the prettiest brown eyes!
Great movie - fun cat action and love the music!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Nice synchronized head movements at the end there! Cats adore cat trees. When I bought my cat a big cat tree eight years ago, she completely stopped clawing the furniture. She has only clawed the cat tree since then. It looks like hell now of course, but better it than my furniture.

Tiff said...

wonderful movie ! Love the bunny nose wiggling when she eats. And that's quite a collection of tuxedo cats you have going. Love the orange & white too :-)
Tiff in Ohio

rebecca said...

Ah, now the new year has indeed begun.

Linnea said...

In our preparations for the Great Snow of 2011, Cinematic Saturday became Movie Monday. I love Lilly and Tuppy's heads toward the end, moving in sync, and Daisy -- "Look all you want, but I'm getting that toy!" (Toby and Blueberry are also adorable, naturally.)

Naboo used to have a cat tree but he clawed it into oblivion. (He also got too big for its cave.) He prefers smaller scratching posts and beds now.