Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rabbit Break

In past weeks, I've been writing a lot about Italy. 

"Italy this.  Italy that. WHAT ABOUT US???"  Zoe and Blueberry yelled in unison to me last night.

And they have a point--exciting things are happening in the Lilypad.

For one thing, there are Rabbits living here.  That's not at all new, of course, but it is always worth remembering and making a point of, because Rabbits living in your house is always both exciting and newsworthy.  The Double Buns of the Rabbit Room agree that They are not getting nearly enough attention of late.

Running closely behind in the Complaint Department are Certain Cats, who also live in the Lilypad and who frequent the Rabbit Room.  There has been a New Addition to the Lilypad who has gotten virtually NO AIR TIME ON THIS BLOG!  He had a fairly lame movie a couple of weeks ago on an edition of Flip Friday, and then....NOTHING!

"What's with that?" Toby the Mini-now-not-so-mini Cat said to me about that particular situation.  And, he does have a point.  What IS with that?

Today, then, let's dedicate this post to the Forlorn and Obviously Long Forgotten Mammalian Members of the Lilypad, and then on Wednesday, we will pop back to Italy. 



 LILLY!!!  So close you can see how dirty her little nose is.  Hmmmm.

 Miss Emmie is in constant motion but has a minute to thank all her loyal fans.  
She knows you're out there!!

 FreshCat Tuppy takes a moment to look surprised.  
Oh, wait, he always looks surprised!  Never mind.

This ghostly image is none other than the Great and Powerful Toby!  
That cat can jump!!  He's so fast, he is only a blur.  

Daisy couldn't look more annoyed with you than she does right now.  
Fortunately, Toby's going easy on you.

 An Oldie but a Goodie of Miss Zoe with a flower clip in her hair!  :)  SO PRETTY!

 Miss Zoe in a more usual pose... please don't tickle her.

Miss Blueberry doesn't know quite what to make of you, 
but She'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

I love this pre-Tuppy picture. 

And, of course, there's nothing quite like 
the love of a cat for his Bunny.

OK, so, now that you've caught up with what's going on in the Lilypad, we should be ready for more Italy next week.

Don't you feel better though?  They thought you would. 


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Nice whiskers, Miss Blueberry! Nice action shots, Marcy!

Emma said...

I looooooooooooove these photos!

(Hi, Miss Emmie!!)

That top-speed-action-blur shot is just awesome. =D

Oh, I love them all!

Linnea said...

The oldie-but-goodie of Zoe is new to me! Sooooo adorable! (I like your pic, too, Miss Blueberry, especially the one in which you allow Toby to worship you.)

I love all of the kitty photos (Hi, Miss Emmie!), and greetings, Fresh kitty Tuppy!

Must Love Rats said...

what beautiful photos...and what beautiful animals!! I have a ginger tabby kitten (well not really a kitten now he's nine months and kinda fat!!!) And you're rabbits are adorable!! I've always wanted one :)

rebecca said...

Ah yes I feel much better now. But I oh-so-want-to tickle Zoe's tummy.
Tuppy must just be in constant surprise that he has found such a great home.