Thursday, December 30, 2010

One More to Sparkle Pond

I have not posted here since Zoe went to Sparkle Pond a couple of weeks ago.

You all know how much I LOVE Zoe (no past tense, here!).  But sadness and grief are not why I haven't been writing. 

The reason I haven't been writing is that our beloved Miss Emmie was also getting ready to follow her Bunny to Sparkle Pond. 

Miss Emmie had made it fairly obvious over the last year that she was gearing up to go pretty soon.  We weren't sure when or how it would go, but we knew it was coming. 

Over the last couple of weeks, since Zoe's departure, and in the midst of feeling sad about all that had transpired and the suddenness with which it all happened, Miss Emmie gave us a clear sign that she was done on this earth as well-- she stopped eating.  We knew what was coming, so we focused all our attentions on her for her remaining time here.  On Tuesday, in the middle of the night, she went to be with Zoe and the others. 

2010 has been a difficult year at the Lilypad.  We have had four residents go off to Sparkle Pond.  But in addition to being difficult, it's also been wonderful because there is always LOVE.

The GIANT LOVE that Rosie, Scottie, Emmie, and Zoe (as well as Jobie and Ernie, who were in Sparkle Pond from years past) brought to us?  It is worth the sadness and sense of loss we feel no matter how hard it is to feel it.

The Love is Always Worth it.

Rest in peace, Miss Emmie.  We love you.


Linnea said...

Indeed, The Love is Always Worth It.

Shine on, lovely Emmie. I always had a soft spot for you.

Love to you and Christine, Marcy.

Tiff said...

The animals at the Lily Pad live a love filled life. They go to Sparkle Pond knowing what a great relationship pets can have with families. And they have given lots of love back. I commented to Christine that I think those at Sparkle Pond sent Tuppy your way because they knew Emmie was ready and knew you would need the giggles and warm fuzzy love. And I agree, the love is worth it.

Emma said...

We love you, Miss Emmie!

Anonymous said...

Those we love and remember are never gone, so of course it's not past tense!

So sorry for your loss. *hugs*

Those Sparkle Pond alumn must be having a fabulous kitteh & rabbit tea party right about now!

LauraX said...

so sorry for the sadness you feel for your beloveds leaving their earthly forms...may they shine on forever in your hearts and in sparkle pond.

Anonymous said...

My heart of hearts is with you all.

Blessings of love and peace are being sent your way.


Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

for me, it was instant love the first time i met miss emmie.

love to her and all of you.


Anonymous said...

Godspeed, Miss Emmie. You will be missed.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Farewell, Miss Emmie, most beautiful of aged cats. Sparkle on!

Kavindra said...

I especially love Miss Emmie - she had a hard time of it in this world. I know she is perfectly at peace, not biting herself at all, with her charming sticking out fur that always made me laugh.

erin said...

holy crap that photo is the most precious photo of a animal sleeping. just sweet as can be.