Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Library Book of the Week

I haven't written about the Library in awhile, have I?  Well, I do still work there, in case you were wondering.

Not long ago, I was doing my rounds. 

Being a manager, I often do rounds of the building.  We call it "securing the perimeter," because it's way funner and More Important sounding than saying, "Hey, I'm going to walk around the building for a bit."  And we do it, you know, to check on the general mood of the place, tell young boys to pull up their pants, tell people to put their sandwiches away, or whatever.

So, a couple of weeks ago, while I was "securing the perimeter," I also took a walk through the shelves.  Being that I'm the Circulation Manager, I like to check on the State of the Union, as it were.  I like to see what the shelving situation is-- how the shelves look, if there is a lot to shelve, if the books look like a mess, etc.

In my journey, I ended up in the baking and cooking section, which I often do, and I found a book called Cake Wrecks.

What is a Cake Wreck, you ask?  Well, in the first couple of pages, that question is answered:

Let me share a few pages of Cake Wrecks with you now.

So, you know how sometimes people take instructions too literally?  Like you might write a note to the person decorating your cake that says, "Write:  Best Wishes Suzanne.  Underneath that We Will Miss You."  Who knew you would end up with this cake pictured on the cover of the book:

And, imagine the note for this one. Or don't. Whatever:

There's even a whole section on Holiday cakes gone awry. Take this example:

And its caption:

Funny!  Right?

If you haven't had enough, and believe me, YOU HAVE NOT, check your local library for this book.  I guarantee you that you will laugh your butt off.

And if that's still not enough, WHICH IT WON'T BE, check out the Cake Wrecks website!


Emma said...

You know that you already convinced me to read this one and yeah, people definitely need to check it out. It's funny and scary. =D Right now, I'm picturing the monstrous cake that was supposed to be Curious George. Uhh...

I hope the Cake Wrecks person posts the one I sent her!!

Anonymous said...

How funny - I just discovered Cake Wrecks website yesterday!

Now,what does Zoe think of all these silly things humans find so funny?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

It amazes me that stores/bakeries would expect people to pay good money for these monstrosities!

P.S. I want sprinkles.

Dovelily said...

Oh my gosh, these are too funny! Thanks for a great gift idea for my mom!