Monday, May 24, 2010

An Important Annoucement from Zoe

Hello and Good Morning to all of my Fans.

This is Miss Zoe.

I am writing on this fine Monday because those of us at the Lilypad have an Important Announcement, and I truly believe that I am the Best One to deliver said Announcement.

No, I do not have my own Television Show (yet).

No, I have not moved forward with my plan of World Domination. (Actually, I'm not going to say one way or the other about that particular point.  Let's just leave that up to historians to figure out later.)

And, no, I have not decided to chuck all my material possessions and live a life of a asceticism.  I enjoy my Willow Balls and Organic Hay brought in from Vermont, and I see no reason to change those things.

The announcement I have for you today is not....well.....about ME.

It concerns Another Rabbit who has been staying here for the last couple of months.  It concerns a Rabbit named......BLUEBERRY!

OK, here is the Big Announcement:  I received word over the weekend that Blueberry is staying on for good


I have to share my Rabbit Crunch.  I have to share my Organic Hay. 


(Sorry.  Am I shouting?  Sorry.)

Even so, I think it's going to be kind of fun to have a sister.

What do you think?


Art D. said...

Well, it means that you may have to spend more time defending the willow chalet, but you'll have a permanent ally against teh kittehs!

Anonymous said...


This IS big news!!!

Congratulations to all!

Rich Blessings on your every-growing blended family of furry friends :)

Emma said...

Two noses twitching.
We are Hopping Sisters now.
Look! A willow ball...

Now that I've gotten that haiku out of my system:

WOOHOOOOOO! Blueberry!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Miss Zoe, I know you're the kind of generous, emotionally secure and big-hearted Movie Star who will kindly share a wee bit of the limelight with a sister bunny. Not to mention your willow balls, hay and hutch.

Rebecca said...

Yippee! Little Blueberry is one lucky bunny. Who wouldn't want to live at the Lilypad.

the wild magnolia said...

Oh how I enjoyed this, so much fun!

Linnea said...

We whooped, and my daughter is bunny-hopping around the house, if that gives you any indication of our reaction.

YAY for the permanent addition of Miss Blueberry to the Lilypad!