Monday, June 13, 2011


Thank you to all who sent good thoughts and prayers to Miss Elizabeth last week!!

She is doing fabulously!  She was a little out of it for a day or so, but now She seems to feel pretty much back to Her old (young) self.  The Doctor who did her surgery said it couldn't have gone better and he couldn't have been more pleased!  Thank you to Dr. Jung at Animal Ark Pet Hospital for the Amazing caring you have for Bunnies.  She got to come home the evening She had Her surgery. 

Of course, Elizabeth is not completely Better with a Capital B, but She is better and is taking wonderful care of Herself.  She knows just how to help Herself to convalesce.  She is a little grouchy, i think, at having been sliced open with a laser.  I tried to explain to Her that it's like She was abducted by aliens and maybe they sliced Her open to install a Special Microchip that will give Her super powers.  I said, at least, maybe that is sort of a cool story to tell Her friends.

She told Blueberry She was abducted by aliens.

Then, She told Toby.

I got exasperated looks from all three of them.  Then Blueberry pointed out that Elizabeth doesn't need a special microchip to give Her super powers because.....SHE IS ALREADY A RABBIT!!!

I guess I deserved that.

 Love Bunny, Elizabeth, home and in Her safe corner spot!
She thanks YOU for your good thoughts and prayers!!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Never underestimate those bunny superpowers.

rebecca said...

What a darling she is!! So glad that she is getting back to her "supper bunny" self!