Friday, April 15, 2011

Miss Zoe Presents...A SPECIAL GUEST!

Today we have a SPECIAL GUEST in the Rabbit Room.

Our friend from our writing group, to whom the Chick refers to as Dr. Captain America, got a new friend for his recent birthday.  He wrote a bit about his birthday in this particular blog post.

But, you know, as special as his birthday already was, he didn't know it would be THIS SPECIAL!

You see, his family planned a bit of a Surprise on his birthday.

A Suprise with Long Ears.

This kind of Surprise:


Mr. Chester is a temporary guest here at the Lilypad, and MY GOODNESS!!  We are SO LUCKY to have him here.  We are a BB&B!  Except we serve more than breakfast!

Chester's wonderful family will embark on a week long vacation tomorrow, and I can't even believe how much they are going to miss him.  I told them when they left that there would be a Chester movie today.  But the thing about Chester is that he would barely stand still for pictures, let alone be slow enough for a movie.  A  movie will come forth soon, I assure you.  But for now, you will have to make due with some very cute pictures.

Here he is showing off an extremely handsome ear:

I guess I've come to the end of my tail.  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


And to Chester's wonderful family:  SAFE TRAVELS AND A HAPPY VACATION!


StorytellERdoc said...


You are the best. Four of us are here looking at your awesome post and pics and we are homesick already! Even if we aren't leaving for another hour! Chester is quite handsome, we must say, and if anyone trieds to adopt him while we are away, warn them to watch out! LOL

K will LOVE your blog today, too, and we loved your last post about art and the schools!

You and C are good souls.

Thanks again, friends!!! And hugs to all those lucky animals at Lilypad!

Painting Techniques said...

I like your blog! chester's really cute! If u have time drop by my painting blog. Thanks!.. .daniel

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Chester is one cute little lop!

Emma said...

Soooo cute!! Chester is adorable! Congratulations to his new family and to him! He is staying at the best BB&B in town, definitely.